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Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Confirmation Might Be Coming In April 2019

Dragon Ball Super 2019 Anime update

Dragon Ball Super has been talked about quite a lot throughout the last few weeks and, I think that’s definitely going to continue until the official announcement actually comes. Previously, we reported that Dragon Ball Super anime was going to return in July 2019.

This information came from trusted sources like Yonkou Productions, Geekdom, and even AnimeAjay. They reported that Dragon Ball Super was going to come back after having contacted the staff that works on Dragon Ball Super itself. Toei Animation quickly shot down the news and said that they’re not producing Dragon Ball Super at all, and sources such as IGN went on to relay this to everyone.

We still believe that Dragon Ball Super is going to return in July 2019, and recently, some interesting information came out that confirmed it beyond any doubt. An Italian source has now confirmed that Dragon Ball Super is indeed in production.

The official announcement is now said to come out by the end of April. We’re not sure when exactly, but according to Geekdom, the dates that have a higher chance of getting an announcement on are all after 25th April. So, keep your eyes open, folks. It’s finally happening.

We’re also told that the Broly movie will not be retold in the anime. So, we’ll go straight to the Moro arc, or maybe we’ll skip that as well. Geekdom also reports that a super fan-servicey arc is going to happen after the Moro arc, and everyone is super excited for it. I can’t wait for the show’s return, and I’m sure you can’t either.