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Dragon Ball Super 2019 Anime Delayed: When Will It Release?

Fans of Dragon Ball Super have been patiently waiting for its return, yet things don’t seem like they’re going their way. During the production of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the future of the series was up in the air because of some thought that this might be the end of the road.

However, Toyotaro continued with his manga and that clearly told us that the anime is returning at some point. People like Geekdom, AnjmeAjay, and Yonko reported that the anime is indeed coming back, and they also gave us a time frame for the release of the show; July 2019.

According to their sources that have been working with Toei directly or indirectly, Dragon Ball Super is definitely under works right now. There’s no doubt about it.

However, a July release is now under question because we don’t know if that’s actually happening or not. You’d think that Toei will have announced a return for promotional purposes if it was to come in July. So far, we’ve heard nothing from them, which is extremely weird.

What’s even weirder is the fact that multiple sources, as many as fifteen, confirmed to Geekdom at different times that the anime was coming back in July. There’s definitely something up with this, and some have speculated that the release of One Piece’ Stampede has pushed back the anime’s return. That could certainly be the case.

It is also possible that Dragon Ball Super actually ends up returning in July 2019. A late announcement would usually spell disaster for the promotional campaign of an anime. However, ginormous as Dragon Ball is, they can surely get away with it.

What we know for sure is Dragon Ball Super is under works and it will return at some point later this year. We just don’t know what the exact time of the release is going to be. Hopefully, we’ll get information on it soon enough.

What are your thoughts on Dragon Ball Super’s return?