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‘Outlander Season 5’ Is Being Filmed In Scotland, Matthew B. Roberts Interview And Spoilers

Outlander Season 5

The filming of Outlander season 5 is going on in Scotland, and the fans can’t wait for the return of the show. It will be amazing to witness the return of Jamie and Claire, but they will be facing some major challenges as they continue to develop Fraser’s Ridge. We have to wait and see what is going to happen in the fifth season of Outlander, but these challenges could force Jamie to part ways with Claire yet again.

Both of them have faced many things in the past four seasons of Outlander. These two have spent decades apart in season 3, and the couple reunited with each other and started a new life in North America, the couple reunited with each other and started a new life in North America. Even though they were apart, their relationship is as strong as it was before. But we don’t think there will be romantic issues with Jamie and Claire.

At the end of Season 4, we saw that Jamie was ordered to track down a group of rebels who have been making trouble for the Redcoats by Governor Tryon. But it is a problem because Jamie’s godfather and his best friend, Murtagh Fraser, is part of that group. Express also reported that Jamie would go on a journey that will separate him from Claire and there is no telling how long it is going to take.

During a recent interview the executive producer of the show, Matthew B. Roberts revealed the difficulties that Jamie will be facing in the next season. Jamie will be following the orders that Tryon gave him as he has an agreement with the Redcoats, and if he breaks that order, it will cost them Fraser’s Ridge. On the other hand, his loyalty is with the group, and he isn’t a type of person that will turn his back on his family. This will make the season very interesting to see how he gets out of the madness. As for the it is unknown in which month it will be dropping but the new season of Outlander is expected to premiere this fall on Starz.