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League of Legends Patch 9.13: Change List Details

As you may have heard, League of Legends just announced that Teamfight Tactics launches into open Beta tomorrow. We thought we should detail you on the Patch 9.13. The thing is with so much news surrounding the said topics, some of the things may be overshadowed, such as the big additions in the patch: Teamfight Tactics.

Amongst the biggest addition, we have Qiyana: League’s newest assassin. She is being added in the brand new patch, with her we’ll get her release skin and Battle Boss. Qiyana’s skin also ties in with 2019’s Arcade event, she’s seen matching with Battle Boss Yasuo. The other major additions in the game are Arcade Caitlyn and Kai’Sa. Both of them will be the protagonists in this year’s Arcade story.

Another thing to be mentioned here is that Teamfight Tactics will roll out by region, it will release tomorrow morning in NA, and will be available in EUW and EUNE. The other regions will be announced gradually. The mission and hub system will also launch later in the patch. The latest game mode to hit League of Legends is Teamfight Tactics, reports state that it may be included permanently.

League of Legends is an auto battle, that is similar to Dota 2 mod, Auto Chess. So far, it has been quite difficult to test out on the Public Beta Environment, primarily due to long login queues. But now is our time to play the game. Teamfight Tactics will come in 9.13 to players all over the world, not just at some places.

You will be allowed to play against seven opponents in a free-for-all race, so you may build a powerful team, this team will fight on your behalf and will be the last one standing. Some of the champions are Qiyana, Corki, Passive – Hextech Munitions, Diana, R – Missile Barrage, Q – Crescent Strike, Illaoi, Passive – Prophet of an Elder God and so forth.