Rumor: The Last of Us Part 2Revealed

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The Last Of Us 2

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The Last of Us 2 is probably the most anticipated games, and right this moment we have anon the potential as according to the leak, it was revealed by an essential supply of Naughty Dog Development staff, however at this level it stays a rumor.

According to the rumor on 4chan, thefor The Last of Us Part II is May 22, 2020. The person who posted this claims that he has obtained the data from “an internal source of Naughty Dog’s development teams,” and that this individual heard it at “a corporate meeting of Sony PlayStation marketing leaders with the general leaders and lead directors of the Naughty Dog studios.” They additionally declare, “Theof the game will be publicly revealed during this autumn.” You can read the full post below.

Original 4chan post:

An internal source of Naughty Dog’s development teams has revealed, in a confidential way, the recent results of a corporate meeting of Sony Playstation marketing leaders with the generals leaders and the lead directors of the Naughty Dog studios.  And the final result of this meeting was the final convalidation of theof The Last of Us Part 2. The release it was set for May 22, 2020.

Originally the main team of Naughty Dog wanted to aim for release the game for winter 2020, rather than for spring 2020. However, the title still needed some more time to further improve the quality of certain content, textures and animations of some characters and environments, in order to better refine the title. And also, during the meeting, Sony’s marketing leaders suggested that a date be weighed more carefully, to avoid possible financial repercussions in advertising the marketing of the title.

The game represents a remarkable radical evolution compared to its first chapter on all points of view. Bringing with it interesting narrative developments, which will give light to an unexpected turn of the events. Theof the game will be publicly revealed during this autumn.

There has been no official announcement for thefor the game. But now, there’s a new rumor relating to The Last of Us Part II launch date. And whether it is to be believed or not, we don’t know, but we will share all the information we know so far, with you.

But the teaseddoes sound believable since they are well known for releasing their games on Friday, and May 22nd, 2020 is a Friday. Earlier, there was another rumor that The Last of Us Part II publish date can be in February 2020, but it has not been confirmed either. Nonetheless, we are going to keep you posted with the Updates So Far.

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