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Black Lightning Season 3 Episode 5: ‘The Book of Occupation: Chapter Five’, Preview and Streaming Details

Tonight’s episode of Black Lightning (3×5), titled ‘The Book of Occupation: Chapter Five,’ deals with Jefferson’s battle with the effects on his family. This will lead him to take actions with disastrous consequences for everyone. Meanwhile, Anissa’s identity is threatened. Odell will take an important step toward winning over Jennifer.

Here are few of the essential details on Black Lightning (3×5):

Show: Black Lightning
Season number: 3
Episode number: 5
Airdate: 11 November 2019
Previous episode: The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four
Next episode: The Book of Resistance: Chapter Six

Here is the promo for tonight’s episode of Black Lightning:

It is pretty simple; the episode is nothing but a fall-out between Jefferson and Jennifer Pierce over A.S.A. occupation. The inevitable argument may as well lead to a fight between Jefferson and Jennifer. Just as things weren’t bad as it is, the last thing the Pierce family could afford was to be splintered into many pieces.

The episode is a fall-out between Jefferson and Jennifer Pierce over A.S.A. occupation.

The episode showcases the boiling crisis in occupied Freeland. This unending crisis has reached a stage wherein Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning (Cress Williams) and his daughter Jennifer Pierce/Lightning (China Anne McClain) aren’t seeing eye to eye on this whole situation. In the trailer, we saw how the father tells her daughter of being on the right side of history. Ever since the occupation of Freeland has begun, the A.S.A. has responsible for innumerable human rights violations. With every occupant, the same justification is that the atrocities that are being committed are to “protect” Freeland from a bigger threat.

Let’s hope by the end of this season, Jennifer and Jefferson are on the same page. Although at the moment, it doesn’t seem like they may be on the same page ever again.

‘Black Lightning’ Season 3 Episode 5 will air on The CW on November 11.