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Arrow, Supernatural, Riverdale And Other CW Shows To Return After Christmas Break

While we enjoy the festival of Christmas and our winter holidays, CW is working on returning on some of its main shows.

Arrow returns

Arrow will be returning for its eighth and final season on 21 of January. We will be able to see Oliver Queen putting his green suit once more after the crossover of Crisis on Infinite Earths. To get insights about his state after the winter break, we have to watch and find it out.


The fifteenth season of the supernatural will be launching its first episode after the mid-season break on 16 of January. We still don’t have any clue about the twists in the plot.

Like always, fans are excited about the upcoming shows, as to see what surprises they bring when they return. Winter break is always a kind of gap to keep the interest of the viewers high so that they don’t get bored with the similar trends of the shows. The winter break is going to uplift the energy of the viewers so that when the shows return, everyone is in full mood to get along with the adventure. Fans are more excited about Arrow since this is the last season of The Arrow, which means they won’t be seeing the archer in green anymore.