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Wolf Creek Season 3 Cast, Interview, and All We Know

Wolf Creek is an Australian web series with a horror theme. The plot revolves around the exploits of crazed serial killers. The first season consisted of six episodes and was released on 12 May 2016. It was later announced that a second and third season would come up. The second season came upon 15 December 2017 and consisted of six episodes in total. The show has made a good reputation for itself and was favored by the viewers and critics.

The cast of Wolf Creek Season 3

The protagonist of the show is a serial killer named Mick Taylor. He was present in the movies as well as the shows. John Jarratt had played Mick in their movies and the show too. The rest of the cast cannot be determined because the first two seasons followed distinct storylines, and hence we cannot predict the third season’s cast.

The storyline of Wolf Creek

The first season starts with an American Tourist Eve, having a close encounter with Mick, who kills her family members. As the show progresses, Eve gets imprisoned but escapes with a gun and starts looking for Mick, and Mick begins to look for Eve. In the end, Mick manages to escape, and his murdering of innocents continues.

When is the Wolf Creek Season 3 update?

The second season of the show had come out in December of 2017, and no announcements have been made regarding the third season. Fans might fear that the third season may not come out, but the hope is still left. Lots of rumors are out there, but the show creator Greg McLean has shown plans for a third season and also a movie. He has talked in an interview and mentioned that the third season would take place. However, before making a third season, he wants to have enough fans of the first two seasons.

We will keep you posted as soon as there is anyon this.