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PlayStation 5 Games: All Upcoming Titles That We Know

PS5 launch
PS5: launch

Sometimes soft reveals, release powerful results. The official soft reveal by Mark Cerny, Play Station 5 lead system architect, means a lot for gaming Lovers! The release of Play Station 5 is real, and it is sure to help attain ultimate gaming salvation to all gaming enthusiasts, breaking the barriers of age and time.

What are the features of the new PS5?

The new PS5 is a pixel-pushing powerhouse of a gaming console. It is judged to be the first year game lineups ever, which are full of killer games to excite redness in our blood. The new titles in massive PS5 series include – Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), and The Elder Scrolls. The new PS5 also consists of killer exclusives such as Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, and God of War 2. Such killer exclusives are reported to be released in PS5’s first year. Overall, we can say that PS5 excels in delivering immersive games for the next-gen Play Station users who are awesome and eye-popping.

What are the PS5 console specifications?

The console specifications of the brand new Play Station 5 can be simply expressed as gaming beyond the ordinary. The console represents a state-of-the-art Sony PS5 masterpiece and comprises a bunch of PS5 games to play over. All the gamers who were grudging after PS4 drawbacks will have a lot to cheer about in this brand new PS5.