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Shrill Season 2: Cancelled Or Renewed At Hulu: Will There Be A Second Season?

Shrill Cancelled At Hulu

In this post, we are going to talk about Shrill season 2 cancellation and updates. Fans were really excited about the show, as it is created by Hulu and there are big names involved in the show! One of the main attraction would be the showrunners, as Lorne Michaels and Elizabeth Banks are having a lot of fans on their own. Additionally, we are supposed to see Aidy Bryant in the show as an antagonist named Annie.

Well, we are here to discuss what would be happening after the first season. Well, the show is based on a standalone book of the same name, written by Lindy West. If we think as per the book, then the whole story has been divided into six short episodes, which suggests that the show might not have more episodes. It was also reported by Deadline back in September that the show would have limited story and a limited number of episodes.

However, it is just what people think before even the show has reached to the audience. Once the audience receives the show, it would be the deciding factor whether or not the show would return. We have seen many shows such as Sharp Objects and Big Little Lies that it is not necessary to stick to the story written in the book, as both of the shows are based on standalone books!

With that being said, I would also expect more of the show, if it is interesting enough. Creative minds would be behind the show to make it interesting while extending, so there is nothing to worry for an entertainment perspective too! Now it depends on the viewers, whether they like it or not, and does Hulu has more than a required response to produce another season.

But still, everything depends on the streaming platform and the creators. However, it would be pointless to decide that the show would not return, as there are possibilities and chances of the show getting more episodes! Till then, watch the show if you have not watched it yet.