Read One Piece 977 Spoilers: Time – Onward To Onigashima

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One Piece 977 Spoilers
One Piece

One Piece Chapter 977 is coming back this week with more interesting details regarding the current Wano Arc. As usual, we are going to be adding spoilers right here as soon as they are out, we also have update for the spoilers of One Piece 977.

One Piece 977 spoilers are out, read it here.


Before we move forward, let us take a recap of One Piece 976. We finally got to see Jinbei in the previous chapter, and he was officially introduced as one of the strawhats crew members. We got to see here and there little tidbits between the scabbard as well as the true power of Kanjuro, and how capable fighter he is.

On the other hand, Kajuro took away Momonsuke on the crane he drew, and in the next panels, we see Eustass Kidd, Trafalgar Law, and Monkey D. Luffy setting the sail to go to Onigashima. Now that the recap is over let us get to the predictions of One Piece 977 as well as time.

One Piece 977 Spoilers Online


One Piece Chapter 977 is will likely feature the following incidents:

  • Jinbei will finally meet Luffy and have a talk with him on how he escaped
  • The alliance will prep up from Kanjuro’s attack
  • Kanjuro will reach Onigashima with Momonosuke
  • Kanjuro will reveal that Kyoshiro was traitor all along in Orochi’s ranks
  • Kaidou and Big Mom will talk about crushing the rookies
  • We will likely see the numbers from the beasts pirates
  • We will also get to see a panel of Hiyori
  • By the end of the chapter, the alliance will reach Onigashima

Please note that the spoilers I mentioned above are my predictions, we will be One Piece 977 spoilers in less than 24 hours, we have time and date for the manga, so keep reading.

One Piece 977 Time

One Piece Chapter 977 will be released online in English on 12 April 2020. Coming to the update of spoilers, One Piece 977 spoilers will be coming out on 9 April 2020 at 10 AM JST. We will update this post right here for the spoilers, so make sure to check back again!

Where to read One Piece 977 online?

One Piece 977 Spoilers will be released on Viz Media’s official website as well as MangaPlus for free. You can read it there and support the official creators of the manga.

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