Uniden R7 Price, And Details

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Uniden R7 specifications

Uniden will release its brand new radar detector. This product when released will be the best radar detector on the market. The new radar detector has been built upon the same platform as R3, but it adds many features new features like a second rear-facing antenna which gives its arrows. This arrow points out the location of the threat from all the sides. This shows up on the new OLED display which is right next to the rear antenna.

Uniden R7 can show up to 4 singles at once as well as the signal strength, direction, and band for the additional signals too. The arrow can change color that depends on a single strength. Green represents weak signals, Yellow represents Medium signals, and Red represents strong signals. Many features that were present in R3 are carried over to R7 like BSM filtering, MRCD detection, and GPS.

Uniden R7 update
Uniden R7’s design

R7 might also be immune to RDD, and there is no Bluetooth built into the R7. It will also have an ambient light sensor, so its display will work when actual light is around you, and we won’t have to rely on GPS. One of the many changes is the GPS lookouts which mean automatic GPS lockouts will be available on the R7.

Uniden R7 will ship with manual lockouts like Uniden R3 at launch, and auto lockouts will be added in the first firmware update. In total, the R7 will support a total of 2,000 lockouts and manually marked locations in total. You’ll be able to store a max up to 1,750 of either lockouts or manual marks which gives you 250 of the other. The Uniden R7 is expected to ship in April 2019 and will retail for $599.

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