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Frozen 2 Spoilers: New Clip Suggests ‘Elsa Is NOT Okay’

New Frozen 2 Clip

In this post, we are going to talk about Frozen 2 new footage and possible plot details. As we know, the sequel of Frozen is supposed to hit theatres later this year, fans cannot get enough of it. Fans are really happy that they are getting another film in the series, as the first film was released back in 2013. It has been a while since the fans got something from the plot, but now we are having a lot to offer.

In the sequel, the characters are supposed to ditch the traditional approach by staying in Arendelle and will be seen exploring other parts. Meanwhile, there will be more powerful Anna, as the teaser showed her new powers as she was able to freeze water. It is believed that Anna and Elsa would be going out to find more about their parents, and how did they die. Till now, we only know that they died in a shipwreck, but it looks like there is more to the story than we anticipated.

Recently, at an even of Disney+, the footage was shown which blew minds of the viewers. Only those who were invited could see it, and we are here to tell you everything about it. It was a short clip in which there were actual voices of actors, unlike the teaser which only had film music. In this clip, we were able to see Anna kneeling before Olaf, and says worryingly, “I don’t think Elsa is okay.”

Now that turns heads because this is a new twist in the plot that we have been having in our minds because Elsa was supposed to be with her and exploring other parts. Also, the clip also had a troll saying, “You must find the truth.” It simply makes things more complex, and more exciting as well. I am curious to know what might have happened to Elsa. I think she and Anna would be trying to go out by themselves, to find more about their parents, and must have run into someone unexpected. They might have a battle in which Elsa must have got hurt, and they would need Olaf’s help. However, it is just what I believe, and nothing confirmed.

The film is supposed to hit the theatres on 22 November 2019, so keep speculating till the end of this year. The main voice cast is as below,

Kristen Bell as Anna
Idina Menzel as Elsa
Jonathan Groff as Kristoff
Josh Gad as Olaf