Audi E Tron GT Release Date, Specifications And Price

Audi E Tron GT specifications

The new Audi E Tron GT is Audi’s alternative to Tesla model S. On the outside Audi E Tron looks like an A7 Sportback that has extra muscle, and it has powerful laser headlights as well as a distinctive new grille design. It has 22-inch alloy wheels that are designed to help the car cut through the air more cleanly. On the inside, this car has a Virtual Cockpit display behind the steering wheel as well as on two more screens on the center console. One screen is for the car’s various systems, and another is for Audi’s ventilation. It is paired with an electric motor on both the front and rear axle that produces 590hp. Because of this, Audi can go from 0 to 62mph in just 3.5 seconds and from 0 to 124mph over 12 seconds, and it tops out at 149mph.

Audi E Tron GT Release Date
Audi E Tron GT Interior

Unlike Tesla, which needs a good amount of time to prime its batteries to show their full potential, the E Tron’s cooling system means all of its potentials is available at all times. The motors give extra grip, and it is also the reason why the E-Tron’s acceleration is so devastating. From a single charge this car can nurse 250 miles and thanks to regenerative braking it will replenishing the batteries. The charging can be done wirelessly through conductive charging in your garage floor or by plugging it directly. This takes as little as 20 minutes to give a flat battery an eighty percent charge. The price of this Audi E Tron GT hasn’t been revealed yet but it might cost around £100,000, and the release date is also a mystery, but it might release at the beginning of 2020.