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PUBG Mobile Lite Season 12 New Changes, and Update Details

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 12
PUBG Mobile Lite Season 12

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 12 is the newest addition to PUBG Mobile Lite. One of the most popular battle royale games available for the mobile devices PUBG created a revolution when it rolled out its lite version for users who don’t own a powerful device to play the original version, but, the lite version was released in order to remove the hassle faced by hardware inferiority, and with the release of the latest season 12 pass, fans of the game are extremely excited to see what the newest season has in store for them.

Numerous speculations and rumors have surfaced up, and to save you the trouble, we have gathered all the recent reports and information regarding the game, so here is everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile Lite Season 12.

The previous season of PUBG Mobile Lite was a big hit as it rolled out numerous attractive rewards and events and looking at the pattern, the developers have set the bar pretty high, so it won’t be surprising if the fans of the game have high expectations from the latest released season 12 pass. According to the latest reports, the official release of the season 12 pass marks the arrival of the season 12 winter pass, and fans need to keep their eyes open for all the new updates and rewards down the line.

What are the new changes in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 12?

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 12: New Costume

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 12: New Costume

Season 12 was just rolled out in PUBG Mobile Lite, and with that, comes the Winter Pass with new challenges and rewards, and the Winter Pass is available in the shop for purchase, so don’t waste any time, if you’ve any plans of buying it. According to the latest reports, the current Season 12 will be running for the entire month of May, so that gives you an ample amount of time to get the challenges done to unlock the special rewards.

The new Winter Pass will give you a serious advantage over other players who don’t invest in it as it will give an option to stack up all the rate items in the game, which you can use for you better means. To get the cool items, all you need to do is just participate and complete the daily challenges as much as possible, and it’s a tip that finishes the easy ones at the beginning so that you can save a good amount of time for the hard ones later.

The new season offers new skins, emotes, and many other things, and among them, comes a cool new Indian traditional outfit which you can unlock at level 1, only if you purchase the Winter Pass.

How to download PUBG Mobile Lite Season 12’s Update?

The latest update can be downloaded for withing the game and it is around 300 MB, so it is recommended to save some of the data beforehand.

When was the PUBG Mobile Lite Season 12’s update?

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 12 was officially released on 1st May 2020, and it is already available for download, so download the update from within the game if you haven’t already.