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Backstreet Rookie Episode 11 update and Streaming Details

Backstreet Rookie

Choi Dae Hyun came back home running he told his mom and Yoo Yeon Joo that his phone was on silent. He did not know that Yoo Yeon Joo has called. He grabs Yoo Yeon Joo with her hand to go outside and talk with her. Suddenly Jung Saet Byul came in. Byul is shocked to see Dae Hyun with his girlfriend Yeon as she knows that she is the one who is in love with him.

Dae Hyun’s mother rushes to Byul and she asks her that she has brought hot-Teok. She also said how did she know that she loves hot-Teok. Dae Hyun lets go of Yeon’s hand so that Byul won’t notice. Byul ends up saying she has brought hot-Teok for Hyun’s mother instead of Hyun. Hyun’s mother said that they must enjoy eating it together.

Hyun keeps on insisting that he wants to talk in private with Yeon. Hyun’s mom didn’t agree they end up eating food together. Hyun whispers at Byul that why did she come and she has caused him trouble by not picking up his call. Hyun’s mother said that she takes Byul as her own daughter and Yeon’s face started changing as she knows she is the one for Hyun.

Backstreet Rookie

Backstreet Rookie

Hyun started to kick her mom’s feet under the table to stop her from praising Byul in front of Yeon. Hyun’s mom fuels the fire by saying that Byul is staying in their house. Yeon asks if it is for that she is staying with them.

Hyun just looks at her trembling and Yeon left the house. Hyun chases Yeon who has just left. Hyun’s mom did not even get what is happening she said that Yeon left because she hates Hot-Teok. Hyun tries to convince Yeon that it is just misunderstanding. Yeon told him that she is tired of hearing excuses and she took a taxi while leaving him on the street.

Backstreet Rookie Episode 11 update and Streaming Details

Backstreet Rookie episode 11 will be released on Friday, 24 July 2020 at 20:00 Korean Standard Time. New episodes will be released every Friday and Saturday and will be broadcasted on the local Korean Tv channel SBS. So for those of you who would prefer streaming new episodes instead. Or in cases where you watch this show fro a different country, then you can use the official streaming details for Backstreet Rookie below.

You will be able to watch the Backstreet Rookie episode 11 online on the Dramacool streaming website. New episodes will be available with English subtitles up until the latest broadcasted episode. So to get the next episode as soon as it is released.

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