Is Netflix A Tech Company Or A Movie Studio?

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Is Netflix a Movie Studio

Netflix is one of the most popular names when it comes to the list of streaming platforms. It is the production company that gives its customers services when they buy a subscription. The platform has broken the norm of “going to the theatre for the cinematic experience,” but it has brought the cinema to our hands. Netflix has touched on almost every genre and made a film and series on it. It can be said that it has changed the audience’s perspective to look at the cinema.

The advancement of streaming platforms has drastically changed the media industry. Undoubtedly, it is Netflix that has brought the trend of web series. Streaming platforms like Netflix are beneficial for creators, actors, and producers. Even some underrated actors and directors got the opportunity to showcase their talent through OTT. And the widespread of Netflix is proved to be a boon for producers. However, Netflix’s immense popularity and the interview of the famous Russo brothers have raised questions about Netflix’s niche.

Is Netflix A Tech Company Or A Movie Studio?

In their recent interview, the famous creators Russo brothers explained what they think about the streaming platform. The brothers have worked with Netflix several times. The “Avengers: Endgame” fame director duo will release their next, “The Gray Man,” on Netflix on July 22, 2022, after its theatrical release. Also, next year they are going to come back on the platform with the release of another movie, “Extraction 2.” In their recent interview, they explained that Netflix differs from the rest of the industry. The duo was asked about the theatrical run of their The Gray Man; they said that the film was developed for the theatre.

Is Netflix A Tech Company Or A Movie Studio

They styled the movie for theatre and supported the film technically for theatre only. However, the Russo brothers are not reluctant to release the movie on the streaming platform, Netflix. According to them, it is always energizing to bring the movie to the streaming platform as it has another way to reach out to the audience. Netflix literally provides an infinite content pool for the audience to stream. Their original series, “Stranger Things,” has found a prominent place in the audience’s hearts. The coronavirus pandemic increased Netflix’s users tremendously, and now “Netflix and chilling” has become people’s favorite pastime.  

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What Did Russo Brothers Said For Netflix?

Joe Russo, one of the Russo brothers, said that it is easier for them to work with Netflix than with traditional studios. However, further, he said that Netflix’s mentality is more like the mentality of the tech company. Their budget-controlling approach is different. Moreover, he said that working with Netflix is less stressful. Joe thinks that Netflix has gained more diversity in five years than Hollywood has gained in a hundred.

Russo’s brother’s film, “Extraction,” was seen 100 million times on Netflix, and that is equivalent to a $2 billion movie in theaters. They think that Netflix has a huge movie distribution system that makes the work easier. Looking at the growing numbers and different approaches of Netflix, it is not wrong to say that it is a tech company. It seems like it is a tech company that is making space for itself in the cinematic world. 

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