Siren Season 2 Episode 15: ‘Sacrifice’ Featured Ryn Getting Kidnapped

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Siren Season 2 Episode 15

In this post, we are going to talk about Siren season 2 episode 15 streaming details, and spoilers. As we are aware, the last episode was titled ‘The Last Mermaid,’ and it featured some concerns. The last season featured the outcome of the mating season, and it was not what everyone expected. The mating season did not come out as a full success and raised an immense amount of questions.

Everyone was thinking whether the mermaids would be able to procreate on land or not, after such a poor mating season, after Ben suggested that the mermaids should get pregnant on land in the human form. On the other hand, Ryn tried to find Levi but could not find him, so she came out with another mate. Now, let’s talk about the upcoming episode ahead!

While everyone was waiting for the episode, it was still stuck at the infertility issues of mermaids. The problem was killing Ryn from inside, as they were at the edge of extinction. However, Ben and Maddie were taking care of her, and making sure she is okay. But somehow, Ryn got kidnapped and Ben and Maddie were helpless. We saw them screaming and getting in front of Ian’s car, all of it just to save Ryn.

Also, Nicole was nowhere to be seen. We still do not know where is she, and I hope that she is not gone forever. Xander is also concerned about her of course, but she seems to be nowhere around. They both were a couple which turned good from a meaningless relationship, which everyone loved. We need more from them anyhow, and I hope it happens!

Also, Beth’s family was being more weirder, and it might have surpassed viewing limit of many. While some of their fertility rituals were convincing, other parts looked too much. Nonetheless, it was an average episode overall, where emotions of Ben and Maddie prevailed. I would rate this episode 6 out of 10, and tell me how much did you like it in the comment section!

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