Dr Stone Episode 4 Leaks and Spoilers

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Dr Stone episode 4

Hey guys, today I here with the spoilers of the upcoming Dr Stone episode 4. Before we begin, let us do a recap on what happened in the previous episode of the show. Senku knows about Tsukasa’s murderous intent, he decides to send Tsukasa away from the source of the miracle fluid while he and Taiju make a batch of revival fluid to finally revive Yuzuriha. In order to stop Tsukasa’s murder spree, weapons are needed for it.

The team then embarks on the journey to towards Hakone. They succeed as Yuzuriha manages to find the Buddha of Kamakura which is the land landmark for the place. In the end, the trio arrives at a hot spring, giving Senku the means to create gunpowder. Now let us talk about the upcoming episode of Dr Stone. The name of the next episode of Dr Stone is “Fire the Smoke Signal”.

Dr Stone Episode 4 Spoilers

At the beginning of the episode, we will see Yuzuriha talking to Taiju about what he wanted to say to her before the purification. To which Taiju says that he won’t say anything right now, instead she would have to wait until they bring the civilization back to life. To which she agrees with and say that they will bring back the world back no matter what. Then we see a little recap now the events that occurred has both Senku and Taiju now. Senku then breaks down the ingredients that they need to produce gunpowder.

At the end all they need to pound it so that they can pack it tight and harden it. To which Senku agrees but later realizes that the stone Taiju is using can create sparks which could ignite the gunpowder. One of the sparks then lands on it which creates a huge blast. After that Senku reveals that he will strick a deal with him and if he refuses then Senku would have to kill him.

At the end of the episode, the trio sees a smoke signal in the distance which reveals that they aren’t the only ones who are alive in this world. Senku then tells Taiju to lit a signal too. The episode end. Dr Stone episode 4 will be releasing on 26 July 2019.

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