Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time Episode 11 Preview, and Spoilers

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Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time

From the last episode of this Anime Peter met with an Ogre who has been in a city for a long time looking for a lady who stole his heart. After An Ogre console Peter, he reveals to him that the woman who stole his heart is Lisa. Peter is shocked to hear the news and Lisa likes to have Peter’s seed all the time. With only a single episode left to conclude this Anime, let’s see how Peter is going to escape from Lisa’s trap. Let’s take a look down below at the latest development.

After discovering the truth Peter quickly rushes to Lisa and asks her to explain her story. Lisa asks Peter what is wrong and Peter asks if she and Mimi is part of the royal family. Lisa became speechless and asks Peter where did he get the news and Peter told her to stop answering questions by a question. Peter also said that he is in charge of the interrogation. Lisa told Peter that she can’t lie and she told him that everything he is saying it is the truth.

In this post, we are going to talk about Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time Episode 11 preview, and recap. Let’s start by looking at how this Anime releases its episode before we proceed. Check the release schedule details below.

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time Episode 11 will be released on Saturday, 19 September 2020, at 1:35 AM JST. This anime releases its new episode every Saturday. This post may contain spoilers of the next episode make sure you proceed with caution. You can skip them if you are not interested in them. Let’s take a look at more details below.

Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time
Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time

Previously on Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time Episode 1o

She said that she is Lisa Alpacas the crowned princess of Ogrestan and the heir to the throne. Peter is shocked and he now knows that he is in trouble because Lisa has someone who is in love with her. An Ogre whose heart is stolen by Lisa visited the Guild’s mansion. He introduces himself to Mitchie that he is Antonio Spartokos. He wants to submit an inquiry regarding.. before he finishes what he wanted to say  Mimi came and interferes with them.

Mitchie has fallen in love the moment she saw Spartokos by just looking and his body physic. Mimi is happy to see Spartokos and they both said it has been a long time. Meanwhile, Peter is still with Lisa trying to sort things out. Peter told Lisa that if he gets her pregnant it will cause an international disaster of epic proportions. Lisa promises Peter that her identity won’t affect Peter’s life. She said that she will just keep on getting Peter’s seed without telling the name of her father’s kids.

Spartokos spent 3 years away from Lisa now he is heading to her and he thinks that his feeling has just increased for Lisa. Spartokos heard a man’s voice inside Lisa’s room he said that his heart only belongs to Lisa. He got angry and quickly rushes there. Meanwhile, Lisa and peter are both naked inside the room Lisa is trying to force herself on Peter. Peter said that he only loves Luvellia suddenly Spartokos kicked the door and finds Lisa on top of Peter.

Spartokos got angry and unleashes the powers that shake the room and send Peter flying away outside the window. Peter is worried that his room is destroyed and he will never get a security deposit back. Spartokos jumps from a high building and started clashing with naked Peter. Peter doesn’t have a weapon he is using a banana to block Spartokos sword when Peter was about to be killed. Lisa commands Spartokos to stop the fight and he did since he loves her so much.

They both sit down and clear things out and Peter finds that Spartokos is just Lisa’s friend who has been chasing her since childhood. Spartokos does not even care that when he was not around Peter is the one who has been getting more cookies on Lisa. He praises Lisa that she has blossomed into a beautiful woman. Spartokos asks Lisa to return home because the armies are struggling without a leader. Lisa replied that she can’t return now she has chosen Peter the strongest man as the official donor.

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time Episode 11 Preview

For more about this Anime visit its official website on and watch it on HIDIVE. With the latest updates about the upcoming episode of this Anime, we end it here this week. Next week  Saturday we hit again with another latest updates. The updates will be available after this Anime releases its new episode.

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