Gibiate Episode 11 Preview, and Spoilers

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Let’s see what the second last episode before we reach episode finale of this Anime has to offer for us. Kathleen is taking a video record of one of her new crew member who asks her what he should talk about. Kathleen told him to talk about why he was arrested in the past. He said he was an athlete chosen as an Olympic candidate and it was for the pole vault in the track-and-the field. He was really on the track to land it, but one day a slasher came out of nowhere and tried to murder his girlfriend.

He tracked him down and beat him up for that. After that, he died in his hands and got arrested for it. He talked about his weapon that he uses a spear to pole-vault up and attack that way. Kathleen said next to the fisherman who explains that he fought with his other fisherman and accidentally killed him. He also got arrested too, he said he can cast nets to capture Gibia. The third man got arrested because he tries to destroy the government using a bomb.

In today’s post, we will be talking about the latest development of the Gibiate Episode 11 preview, and recap. New powerful men are going to appear in front of Kathleen’s crew. Kathleen is worried if they came in peace or they came to battle. Let’s find out what will happen below.

Gibiate Episode 11 will be released on Wednesday, 23 September 2020, at 10:oo PM JST. The latest new episode of Gibiate is released every Wednesday. Unfortunately, the spoilers of the upcoming episode are not yet released. You can take a look at the updates below.


Previously on Gibiate Episode 10

The doctor managed to take Kathleen’s crew to the research center where they think that they can find information about the cure for Gibia. They find Gibia monsters waiting for them at the entrance. The doctor decides that they have to go through since it is only hard to get inside at night. Kanroku thinks that it is better they get wiped by Gibia monster while trying to find a cure for Gibia.

The two samurai got out of the bus to clash with Gibia. Suddenly a minibus appears and Kankuroku said those guys again. Inside the bus, there are 4 powerful man and their boss who is Ayame’s father. Kanroku told Ayame that his father never learns. Five powerful men started walking towards Kathleen’s crew and she thinks that it is not time to fight. The powerful men pass Kathleen’s crew and started fighting with Gibia monsters.

Kathleen’s crew is surprised because they thought they were going to fight with them. Hatomi winked at his daughter Ayame and they started helping each other taking down the monsters. They bothy defeated all the monsters around the research center and they decided to be allies. Kathleen is happy that her crew finds new allies in the evening they enjoy dinner together while the doctor does his research.

Gibiate Episode 11 Preview

All thanks to the preview from youtube and the latest updates of the Anime up above. When this Anime releases its episode next week Wednesday we will be also releasing another upcoming episode and updates. You can access this Anime officially on Crunchyroll or visit its website using this link

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