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When Will Alexa Samuel L. Jackson Be Released?

Alexa Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson has one of the most iconic voices in the movie industry. It’s one of those voices that you can hear over and over again. A few weeks back, Amazon made an announcement in which they revealed that Amazon would release a Samuel L. Jackson voiced Alexa. There are two different versions of Samuel L. Jackson Alexa: explicit and non-explicit.

We know that there is only clear choice among the two. Alexa won’t just have Jackson’s voice but, there are other celebrities whose voices are going to be available on Alexa. This feature is going to be available as a 99 cent upgrade. The other celebrities’ voices are going to make way to Alexa next year.

Alexa Samuel L. Jackson Release

The Samuel L. Jackson Alexa will tell you jokes, set alarms, play music and there is plenty of other stuff that it can do. It will be interesting to see who else joins Samuel L. Jackson. Currently, there is no update for the Samuel L. Jackson Alexa. We can expect it to come out towards the end of the year with the other voices coming out in 2020.

There has been no announcements from Amazon on the topic whatsoever. We will have to be patient and wait for an official update. So, it will take some time before you get your hands on a Samuel L. Jackson voiced Alexa. It is arguably the best idea ever and I can’t wait to get one for myself because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love Samuel L. Jackson?