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Black Clover Episode152 Updates, and Spoilers

Black Clover

Julius is planing on making Magic Kight become stronger to protect everyone and they must be able to face their enemies from the Spade Kingdom and the devil. Marx asks Julius what is it that he is planning to do. Julius reveals that he going to allow the captains to fight each other. Sometime later Augustus Kira Clover XIII announces a team battle between Magic Knights Squad Captains to start. Julius is so excited watching the battle by the window using googles since he is on his young self.

Yami, Nozel, Kaiser, and Jack the Ripper are on the same team. They are facing William, Charlotte, Fegeleon, and Dorothy. Agustus said that their time limit is 30 minutes and the team that destroys the enemy teams’ crystal while protecting their crystal will be the winner. He also reveals that the match is being broadcast throughout the entire kingdom and the citizens cheer for their favorite squads. He also reveals that the captain of the Aqua Deer, Rill Boismortier won’t participate due to some reasons.

Black Clover Episode 152 Recap

Black Clover Episode 152 will be released on Tuesday, 17 November 2020, at 6:25 PM JST. Note that the time is in Japanese standard time. For you to get the episode as soon as it is released you can change the time to your local time. Watch this Anime officially on  Crunchyroll. Let’s see what more Black Clover has to offer for us down here.

Black Clover

Black Clover

Previously on Black Clover Episode 151

Julius thanks Marx for using his communication magic for everyone in the kingdom to be able to watch the match. The doctor is in disguise acting like he is Julius for the citizens not to know what has happened to the real Julius. Agustus thinks that it is his time to shine in front of the citizens and make his way to the throne. The battle begins William attacks Nozel with a magic tree descendent and  Kaiser blocks the attack using a steel shield. Kaiser told everyone not to touch the World Tree Magic.

Jack unleashes Severing Magic: Death Scythe that sent him flying like a rocket cutting the roots of World Tree Magic. Yami praises him by saying ” Not bad, Beanpole Monster while unleashing Dark Magic: Dark Cloaked. Before he can attack with his Katana Charlotte wraps his hand with ropes and Yami gets shocked since he can’t attack her back. Charlotte wraps her team’s crystal and runs with it to safety while the other captains keep on destroying the area around them.

Jack wanted to attack Dorothy and Fugeliona burns him with flames. Charlotte is worried about why she has to clash with Yami and why she jin the training where she has to face him. Why they are still talking about sti\cking to the plan Jack and Yami appears. Yami and Jack’s side doesn’t stick with the plan they just go with the flow. Nozel wanted to tell them the plan but both of the move to the forest rushing to break the other team’s crystal.

The battle got more exciting and due to the power of Yami’s Dimension slash, he ended up slicing both team’s crystal and the World of Tree Magic. Julius is so happy talking with the captains about how they exchange their magic in the middle of battle. Yami said that Julius makes them work so hard but it ended in a draw.

Jack scold Yami that they have lost because he was in his dream. Fugeleona and Nozel can’t believe that those two still have the energy to argue after using more energy in the battle. Charlotte got jealous when Dorothy praise Yami saying, dear. She starts to ask what has happened between Yami and Dorothy. Marx noticed that Julius just wanted to see the captains using their magic.

Black Clover Episode 152 Preview

For the upcoming episode of this Anime that’s what the preview have revealed for us so far. Keep in mind that every Tuesday new updates of the upcoming episode will be available for you.