50 Best Webtoon To Read in 2022!

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Best Webtoon; Credits: YouTube

Webtoons are essentially webcomics that people can access and read through any electronic device that has access to the internet. Webtoons have seen massive growth in viewership and content for the past few years among youngsters. The best thing about webtoons is that any regular person can publish them! 

Webtoons like every other story out there have a range of genres. From comedy to romance to thrillers to adventure to fantasy to horror, everything is available. Here we have for you the 50 best Webtoons to Read in 2022, ranging from all genres so that you won’t have to struggle and find a good one. 

1. Suitor Armor


Suitor Armor
Suitor Armor; Credits: WebToons

Lucia serves as Kirsi’s lady-in-waiting. Kirsi is the daughter of a noble and has been engaged to the king of the realm since before both of their births. Dealing with royalty is challenging enough, but Lucia faces the added challenge of covertly being a fairy in a culture that despises them. The entrance of a miracle dark knight, who proves to be more than simply the ruthless killer he was created to be, complicates things further.

We were all expecting a heartwarming tale of a lady-in-waiting being in love with an unusual knight, but what we got was a tale of the horrors of genocide, the agony of hiding pieces of one’s individuality to survive, and plain old survivor’s remorse. The story explores the difficult issues of the nature of humanity and the responsibility that the survivors and ancestors of these horrific acts have to make amends for the misdemeanors of ancient times.

It is a heartbreaking and beautiful tale about finding and revisiting identity amidst the stresses and sufferings of others’ preconceptions and prejudice. Since Lucia is frequently referred to as “passing” for a mortal and must go to great pains to conceal her origins, including tying her wings, I believe that many queer people would identify with this tale. Overall, Purpah’s comic is deserving of its position among the top fantasy Webtoons.

2. Seed


Seed; Credits; YouTube

In the near-future world of Said P’s Seed, everything is technologically advanced and connected. Far more than it is in the modern era! Everything you require or desire is available at the touch of a smartphone screen, and cars can be programmed to operate themselves and keep an eye on safety.

According to most of the grownups in her life, Emma Hayes is a reasonably typical girl, if not a little bit of a rebel. She installs an AI to chat with because she feels alone in a world in which everything is more interconnected than ever. As it turns out, she receives more than she anticipated when the AI turns out to be much more sophisticated and powerful than she anticipated.

A cyberpunk dystopia is not what Seed is. N  not particularly. Turry is no more malevolent than the characters that make him out to be, even though the main AI in this novel may resemble Hal 9000 or GLaDOS from Portal. Undoubtedly morally bankrupt, but not completely evil. From the vending machines to the restroom doors, it’s all linked to a network and can be controlled through apps.

With Smart Homes managed by a single remote, it makes things simple to use, but it also makes them simple to hack and disturb, which in our society has become more of a truth. The point is that Seed is a possible universe. It all relies on who precisely is in charge of all that technology and how deeply we just let things infiltrate our life in terms of whether that’s for the good or the worse. It’s a fantastic tale. There are a lot of conceptual aspects that are worth emphasizing in this amazing Webtoon.

3. Lore Olympus


Lore Olympus
Lore Olympus; Credits; Barnes and Nobel

Artist Rachel Smythe created the Webtoon series Lore Olympus, which debuted in 2018. It gained popularity rapidly and hasn’t lost since then. The story of Hades and Persephone from ancient Greek mythology was told in this webcomic. From the time they first met, it is their romantic drama and includes many gods and goddesses.

The wildly painted Lore Olympus takes on a lot of contemporary topics. Both in terms of attitude and appearance, each character is incredibly distinctive. Additionally, the romance is so sincere and pure that fans can’t seem to help but adore it.

4. Runa



Runa is compelled to cooperate with the individuals who kidnapped her and split her and her twin brother, Rune after an Empire wrecked their home and divided them. Runa and the friends she’s met are put in a desperate position as the twins attempt to reconnect despite being on opposing sides when rumors of a rebel organization led by a boy who meets her brother’s descriptions spread. The story is very engrossing!

Although there is currently some fascinating worldbuilding going on, the storyline currently focuses mostly on the people and the effects of their decisions. A “love triangle” involving Runa’s new partner, Oren, and her lifelong friend, the Miller, does appear to be going on. It’s cute to observe that Runa has a certain attraction about her even though it’s not overtly disruptive.

Currently, the magic mechanism is not quite clear, but it may be summed up as follows: “Some people have magic, and it allows them to do one incredibly fantastic thing.”

For want of a better appropriate parallel, it reminds us a little of the idiosyncrasies in My Hero Academia. Since the comic’s creator, Parakid is presently taking a hiatus, fans will have plenty of time to explore the over 50 chapters that have previously been published.

5. Evelyne and the Occult


Evelyne and the Occult
Evelyne and the Occult; Credits: YouTube

Ever since she had an experience as a child, Evelyne has been fascinated by the paranormal and occult, which has sparked her curiosity about anything that might go screaming in the dark. Evelyne strangely runs straight toward anything that might be frightening, even though she is aware of what may easily transpire for her and anyone else who is with her.

She spent a long time searching for the void and only encountered disappointment; nevertheless, one day, out of the blue, she felt the entire force of the abyss staring back at her. She finds out that it is crueler and darker than she could have imagined and that once she’s within, there’s no way out.

An intriguing magic concept and amazing creature designs create a terrifying yet fascinating universe. Of course, the character dynamics can’t compete with that. Evelyne, the protagonist of this narrative, is forced to deal with the guilt of unintentionally involving her lover and her closest friends in life-threatening situations and finding herself at the center of a complex web of generational mental trauma and retribution.

6. Loving Reaper


Loving Reaper
Loving Reaper; Credits: YouTube

Jenny Jinya’s Loving Reaper is a very moving series of webcomics on the responsibilities of the representation of Death with appearances from his opposite, Life, with a focus on addressing animal rights and environmental issues that affect our planet but may go undetected. If you attempt to read a large portion of this at once, be sure to have some tears!

Naturally, this story concerns animal death and sometimes, human death and many of the situations are heartbreaking. Even though Jinya gives Death a sympathetic and kind portrayal, the sorrow of lives lost—often too soon and under tragic circumstances, is emotionally draining regardless.

The comic always ends with a brief epilogue that expands on the topic that was explored, and the artwork is stunningly beautiful. The majority of the comedic episodes are stand-alone, while there are occasionally two-parters and references to earlier episodes. 

7. Everything Is Fine


Everything Is Fine
Everything Is Fine; Credits: YouTube

It isn’t by accident that this horror comedy is the most popular on Webtoons. “Messed up” hardly does it justice. As parents struggle against a warped system of a secret monitoring regime with the aspirations of perhaps seeing their kids again, it tackles serious issues involving the morality of ends justifying means.

This story has a lot in common with The Hunger Games and WandaVision, in which everyone acts as though they’re in a 1950s sitcom but must advance by ratting on one another to the authorities or, most often, framing one another.

Alliances are formed and dissolved at such a fast pace. In addition, they will be banished from civilization and have to witness their offspring perish if they fail the game. The ideal scenario is that they are ignored, living in extreme poverty, and searching among rubbish for food that is hopefully not contaminated.

Worst case scenario: They are being hunted for sport. They must take great pains for anonymity and the ability to be oneself because the adorable cat heads feature tracking technologies that record the wearer’s speech and whereabouts. If they are discovered, they risk failing because of this. We still don’t know who is in charge of organizing this or even what their goal is, but it’s likely to involve something horrifyingly sinister, so heed the warning.

8. High Class Homos


High Class Homos
High Class Homos; Credits: YouTube

The traditional phony wedding scheme between a gay prince and a lesbian princess is presented to readers by Momozerii. August and Sapphia’s friendship is endearing, and the entire piece is brilliantly crafted. It is primarily a comedy, but it also touches on sexism, homophobia, toxic relationships, and to some extent, ableism. This is especially noticeable in Sapphia’s relationship with her folks and Nicolosi, her former suitor.

Of course, there has been tremendous anticipation leading up to the phony engagement, and the wedding is still miles off. There is, therefore, plenty of time for mistakes to be made. Along with that, a witch has an unrequited crush on August, while Sapphia’s affair is also still up in the air. This comic is a lot of fun altogether.

We get to witness the main group interacting in pairs, enabling their chemistry to evolve outside of the group environment, and the characters crack each other up extremely effectively. Despite coming from extremely diverse backgrounds, they all truly feel like buddies.

9. Death: Rescheduled 


Death: Rescheduled
Death: Rescheduled; Credits; YouTube

After the murder of his childhood friend in a dystopian society where everyone receives an annual free kill ticket, a man swears to repeal the Kill Law under any circumstances. Given that the majority of people are in support of the Kill Law, Kreyul is undoubtedly confronted with a difficult task in this situation.

In this comic, the subjects of when murder is acceptable and self-defense, retaliation, and the intrinsic worth of human life are discussed. Author Snailords also uses a magic framework in which some individuals—like our main character, Kreyul—have a special talent known as “Deviation.”

Kreyol and his crew are all quite intriguing and unique individuals, so while the material can be serious, the individuals themselves counter by being intelligent and humorous. This is undoubtedly a heady comic with a lot of extremely graphic pictures. Being an omnipotent narrator, Kreyul has often hinted that he would die in the future, making this story potentially tragic as well. It is still too early to determine just how seriously his life will be in danger at the time when he is narrating, but we shall see. 

10. True Beauty


True Beauty
True Beauty; Credits; YouTube

This webcomic pokes fun at Korean beauty ideals. Jugyeong is a genuine horror enthusiast and a perfectly typical teenage lady. She lacks double eyelashes, has acne, and does not recognize her beauty. That is until she watches a tonne of cosmetics lessons in one sitting and gives it a try. The problem now is allowing anyone other than her close relatives to see her sans the makeup.

True Beauty, a work by Yaongyi, was originally classified as a drama and understood to be a Korean drama program. However, the comic’s genre was altered to romance subsequently, and the love story has taken on a bit more weight in the story.

Considering it was among the comics that people desired to see adapted the most, this series has become so well-liked that a TV series adaptation has since been produced, much to the delight of fans.

11. Down To Earth


Down To Earth
Down To Earth; Credits: YouTube

Pookie Senpai created Down to Earth, which made its Webtoon premiere in August 2020 after previously airing on Canvas and Discover. Kade, a young man who lives a typical life till an alien girl falls into his yard, is the protagonist of the novel.

Zaida is the name of the adorable alien girl that possesses exceptional abilities like telepathy and levitation. Despite their agreement to keep their relationships strictly platonic, the two start to feel something for one another.

12. unOrdinary


unOrdinary’ Credits: YouTube

Except for John, everybody in John’s prestigious school for students with powers adheres to the unOrdinary world’s norm. They refer to individuals without authority as cripples, and they are supposed to keep a low-key presence.

Imagine Gossip Girl crossed with My Hero Academia, where the wealthy and elite are also super-powered kids, with a contempt for the lower social class. John must endure his peers while keeping a personal secret hidden.

13. The Remarried Empress


The Remarried Empress
The Remarried Empress; Credits: YouTube

Having recently joined Webtoon in September 2020, The Remarried Empress is a very recent addition to the platform, despite having been producing comics on the Korean version of the application around October 2019. Author Alphatart and illustrator Sumpul collaborated to create this unique fantasy with romance-related features.

Empress Navier asks Emperor Sovieshu for approval to remarry after he divorces her in favor of his mistress Rashta in the opening scene of the novel. The narrative then goes back in time to explain how this came to pass, beginning with Rashta’s arrival at the castle and Navier discovering that many men are interested in her, even though her spouse isn’t one of them. Fans continue to anticipate the divorce episode eagerly.

14. Mage & Demon Queen


Mage & Demon Queen
Mage & Demon Queen; Credits: YouTube

Mage & Demon Queen has prevailed over the numerous love stories that get to the summit of Webtoon’s ranked list. This series, which was created by ColorLES and has been airing since August 2018 and gives fans a humorous comedic comic.

In the realm of Mage & Demon Queen, humankind groups cooperate to ascend the Demon Tower to vanquish the Demon Queen, much like in an RPG. Because of resurrection magic, people can complete the mission more than once. The narrative centers on a young woman named Malori, who repeatedly ascends the tower to woo the Demon Queen.

15. The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower


The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower
The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower; Credits: YouTube

With illustrations by Omagam and an adaptation by Juyeong Hwang, Bangguseok Gimssi produced The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower. It is based on a web novel with the same name that was published on Naver by the same author.

Since its January 2021 premiere, this webtoon is entirely new to Western audiences. However, it had already garnered popularity and moved up the Webtoon ranks to position 9. Hyeonu Kim, who had spent more than twelve years confined in a fortress of monsters, is the main character of the comic. He is now, however, liberated, extremely powerful, and desperate to learn who initially imprisoned him.

16. Age Matters


Age Matters
Age Matters

Enjelicious’ webcomic Age Matters is available on Webtoon. It portrays 29-year-old Rose Choi as she works to rebuild her life following the cheating and breakup of her former boyfriend. She takes place over her best friend’s strange job of preparing and delivering food to an enigmatic boss because she needs work. If you are a fan of slow-burn romance webtoons, this is just the right one for you!

17. Siren’s Lament


Siren's Lament
Siren’s Lament; Credits: YouTube

Lyra is a kind of wallflower who is happy with her normal everyday life. She unwittingly enters the realm of sirens, though, and her cozy way of life abruptly goes wrong. Lyra discovers that her universe might be much larger than she ever anticipated when caught up in a spell.

This webtoon is a mix of fantasy and romance. Many webtoons start a bit off or have unnecessary forced drama, but this one is perfectly balanced. It hooks you from the beginning with its angst and humor and the famous love triangle. 

18. Cat Loaf Adventures

Slice of Life

Cat Loaf Adventures
Cat Loaf Adventures; Credits: YouTube

Cat Loaf Adventures written and published by Kyutepastry is just like its name, a cute story. Cat Loaf is an adorable little magic pastry who goes on adventures with her friends Tabs and Ryle Loaf. It is based in a universe where all the characters are animals who are partially baked goods. How adorable!

If you had a heart-wrenching rollercoaster experience while reading another webtoon, this one should be your next to give your heart a little rest and give yourself into this world of utter cuteness. 

19. Gourmet Hound


Gourmet Hound
Gourmet Hound; Credits: Twitter

Make sure to never read this Webtoon when you are hungry. It takes us on adventures of life, friendship, food, and the special bonds that are created between them. Lucy Fuji, a woman with an extraordinary perception of smell and taste, is the main character of the novel.

She tracks down the former cooks of her favorite restaurant, Dimanche, to replicate a beloved meal there. The webtoon is also a good dictionary to learn about cooking and chef terms! 

20. Pirates Maid


Pirates Maid
Pirates Maid; Credits: YouTube

Pirates Maid is a webtoon published In July 2022 by an Indian computer science engineer Tanvikun. The protagonist of the story is Ishi. Ishi has to track down the royal prince and protect him from the vicious pirates who have destroyed the palace. She is shocked to learn that the pirate commander was formerly her boyfriend. 

The story is steamy and has the juicy forbidden trope that almost everyone loves. For those who love adventure, a strong female lead, and love that is sin, this new webtoon is the way to go!

21. Welfare Center


Welfare Center
Welfare Center; Credits: WebToon

This 9-episode continuing webtoon is becoming quite a popular one. It has gained six hundred thousand views in the span of short two months. Seonghye awakens to find herself in a strange room with unfamiliar women. The Pureum Welfare Center is a cruel jail that tortures inmates.

Seonghye must face adverse social relations, unforeseen threats, and psychological concerns to uncover her past and escape the Welfare Center with no recollection of how she got there and no more than her intellect.

22. The Secrets Of The Willson Family


The Secrets Of The Willson Family
The Secrets Of The Willson Family; Credits: YouTube

The Secrets of the Willson Family was released on Halloween this year by Mill2. The story is out of the world with unexpected things, things that are almost impossible to happen in the real world. Anna Wilson inherits millions of dollars but the money is missing. Anna Willson anticipates a vacation when she visits her deceased grandfather’s country estate.

Instead, she discovers cryptic notes that her grandpa and a large group of strange individuals had left for her. Can she decipher her grandfather’s hints to learn the secrets of her family and claim her wealth before everyone else?

23. I’m The Queen in This Life


I'm The Queen in This Life
I’m The Queen in This Life; Credits: About Malang

I’m The Queen in This Life was originally a novel written by Lefaljinf and now has been adapted into a webtoon by Omin and artwork done by Themis. The toon was published in mid-November and has reached up to 1.3M views. Amazing! The writer aims to write something relatable to all. 

The webtoon is about people and their relationships with others. When the king’s illegitimate son Cesare and his fiancée Ariadne plot to steal the crown from his half-brother Alfonso, the Etruscan Empire is marred by blood. Despite Ariadne’s love for the new king, her trust in him is shaken when he betrays her and she is ultimately killed by her real sister, who aspires to be the next queen.

Ariadne is shocked to discover that she has been brought into the past to when she was 17 years old. Ariadne must use all of her cunning and tenacity as she negotiates the dangers and chances of court intrigue to avoid a repetition of her sad fate.

24. Designated Bully


Designated Bully
Designated Bully; Credits: Klikkoran

Grizmo has given us many hits and they are back with Designated Bully. Daegun Kwon, who dropped out of high school, is pursuing his GED while working extra at a local shop. Daegun is contacted by a woman from the Education Foundation about a project named “Designated Bully” after he was taunted by some hooligans at work and taught them a lesson.

Daegun embraces the gift of a second chance at redemption in regular life and enrolls in school to carry out his one obligation as the chosen bully: to eliminate the other goons and bring peace back to the school.

25. Reality Quest 


Reality Quest
Reality Quest; Credits: Tinta Resah

Dowan Ha is a harassed gamer who is made to work for in-game things by his bullies. Dowan plays video gaming day and night for about a week until he passes out from tiredness after one of these bullies commands him to get him an impossible-to-find item or be thrashed in the presence of the loveliest girl in school. But a week before his death, he revives back in his class after passing away.

Everything remains the same as before, except he now possesses all the real-world talents he learned from playing video games! Will Dowan be able to battle his bullies with his newly discovered skills and gamified presence? Joowoon Lee and Taesung gave us this amazing webtoon with an exciting adventure to look forward to!

 26. Vampire Husband

Slice of Life

Looking for a better and happier version of twilight? Here we have for you Scragony’s Vampire Husband. Charles, a vampire, never intended to be married, but Cheryl had some other ideas. After nearly 50 years of blissful marriage, it is becoming more challenging to justify why Charles still appears the same as he did in his twenties. They will have to deal with werewolves, vampire hunters, and Cheryl’s elderly friends, but this extraordinary couple is unstoppable!

27. Honey Lemon


Vampire Husband
Vampire Husband; Credits: WebToon

The latest upcoming webtoon by Courtneywirthit has already reached a whooping eight hundred thousand views and it is surely set to reach way more. The protagonist of the story is Kyoungmi. Kyoungmi believed she had everything: a wonderful best friend, a beautiful lover, and notoriety as the creator of a well-regarded drama series. She ought to be content, right?

However, Kyoungmi is still having trouble writing the next great thing after two years. She meets up with former classmates in a trendy new café where she is looking for ideas. One of them has always had affection for her. Could Kyoungmi and her companions’ fateful encounters mark the beginning of something new? Or will this result in a tragic outcome? 

28. Crimson Heart


Crimson Heart
Crimson Heart; Credits; YouTube

HYBE has come up with yet another hit, only being released on the 25th of November, Crimson Heart has reached an amazing amount of views. This fantasy webtoon has Refugia, a tightly regulated city fully walled off from magic, while The Unknown is a mystical wilderness swarming with blue fireflies. Inquisitive Refugian girls come across a curious old book and a scarlet necklace one day in a library.

They eagerly pursue the blue firefly out of the town, overcoming hurdles that no one has ever passed before, unaware of what is in their grasp. They journey farther into the Unknown, learning the meaning of Refugia and the truth about the blue firefly with the aid of the renowned Crimson Heart and a mystifying message that reads, “Break the spell of Blue Firefly Island.” What is in store for the Refugia girls going forward,  read to find out!

29. BlackSun


BlackSun; Credits: WebToon

With only 3 prologues and 3 episodes, BlackSun is a huge hit, even more than other webtoons.  Play updates every Saturday about the adventures faced by Yu. Yu has been pursued from birth for a burden he is unaware of carrying, and he needs to learn the truth about his ancestry and his connections to the secret shinobi world to understand the gravity of his destiny as the Last Flame of humankind facing an age-old demonic menace.

30. Survival Diary


Survival Diary
Survival Diary; Credits; Webtoon

Embarrassing, scarlet-eyed Lynn is a zombie, but unlike all the others, she is still capable of feeling and thinking. When Lynn first encounters Rawon, a guy looking for his family, he is surviving alone with the other zombies. The two form a group and embark on what may turn out to be the most perilous journey of their lives.

The webtoon has received a heavy rating of 9.8. Fans are falling crazy over this new Zombie but not a Zombie. The toon not only gives us the gore of zombies but makes us even develop an emotional connection to this Zombie. The thriller is set to be one of the best yet with hard twists and endings.  

31. Miss Abbott And The Doctor


Miss Abbott And The Doctor
Miss Abbott And The Doctor; Credits; YouTube

Miss Abbott And The Doctor is a Romance webtoon written by Maripaz Villar. This 173-episode comic ended on the 2nd of October 2020. When the weird Miss Abbott shows up in his town, Doctor Andreas Marino determines he doesn’t like her in any way. He enjoys his calm existence, which is full of work and modest amusements. She has an unusual past, is amusing and quirky, and unfortunately, appears to enjoy bringing him into problems. Greetings from a shady Victorian rom-com!

It’s so cute. Cati and the Doctor are endearing and clumsy; although their love is developing slowly, you can see it will be successful. It adheres to well-known patterns of enemies-to-lovers romances, just like Pride and Prejudice, but it does it superbly.

32. Boo! It’s Sex

Slice of Life

Boo! It's Sex
Boo! It’s Sex; Credits: Webtoon

In their first year of university, four high school friends move into an old frat house where they quickly learn that a deceased sorority girl’s spirit is imprisoned in a broken tequila bottle. To serve as an experienced adviser for the freshwomen’s journey from girls to ladies, Tara places herself at the center of their private lives while they adjust to the college experience. The webcomic’s main theme is sex literacy.

The opportunity to learn further about their body and sex, in general, is fantastic for high school and college students. However, it appears that this webcomic is geared toward educating girls about sex. Though, there aren’t many chapters that talk about the male point of view.

33. Cheese In The Trap


Cheese In The Trap
Cheese In The Trap; Credits: WebToon

Modeling student Seol, popularly known as Mr. Perfect, is wrapped up with senior Jung after returning to university after a lengthy vacation. Since Jung entered Seol’s life, she believes as though things have changed for the worst, but is he wreaking havoc on her life on purpose?
This webcomic is ideal if you want to binge-read Korean webcomics because it is based in South Korea.

The development of Seol and Jung’s connection was thought to be enjoyable to read by many people. In that you initially form a bond and gradually learn new facts about one another, however awkward that may be, it is genuine.

34. The Weight Of Our Sky


The Weight Of Our Sky
The Weight Of Our Sky; Credits: WebToon

Despite being only a short webtoon, it has a lot of impacts. This webcomic explores serious themes, including war, mental health, religion, and racial challenges that ethnic groups in Malaysia throughout the 1960s faced, just as its title suggests.

I advise you to skip this one if you are someone who is easily triggered by mental health issues. However, if you want to learn more about the author’s country’s turbulent past, this webcomic is a great resource.

During the tragic race riots in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in 1969, a music-loving youngster with OCD makes every effort to locate her mother. Based on the young adult novel by Hanna Alkaf is this webcomic.

35. Life Outside of The Circle


Life Outside of The Circle
Life Outside of The Circle; Credits: WebToon

This webcomic is for you if you enjoy a love story that isn’t just filler. The protagonist of the tale is Sami, a city dweller who relocates to a tiny town in search of artistic inspiration. Instead, he is dismayed by the scarcity of avocados and turns to Juha, a single father from the country, for assistance. Collectively, the two must overcome numerous challenges like prejudice, work-life harmony, uncertainty, and a lack of self-confidence.

Their relationship’s challenges and triumphs were not downplayed, and it was emphasized that the two of them needed to work hard to keep their bond strong. The webcomic is anything but plain, yet it is only available in black and white.




Vampires are no longer feared, but it doesn’t stop people from treating them unfairly. When Mari Baek is infatuated with a cute boy who despises vampires, can she keep her identity hidden? For valid reasons, Orange Marmalade is one of the most well-known and successful romance webtoons. This is a narrative about how discrimination impacts people and exactly what it takes to fight it, not merely about a vampire teenager with excessively high walls.

Each character had flaws of their own, but as the story went on, they all learned from their mistakes and developed. Despite being about fantastical animals, the story had a very human feel to it. This narrative is excellent, thanks to the imagery and tempo. Nothing becomes overly complicated.

37. S.I.D


S.I.D; Credits: Tumblr

Young Simoon has the power to see ghosts after an injury, but his grandma seals away his recollections because she desires him to lead a regular life. Years down the line, Simoon’s sight unexpectedly returns, and as a member of the specialized Supernatural Investigation Department, or S.I.D., he is forced to employ his newly acquired abilities.

The author does an excellent job of balancing the supernatural and criminal elements; neither ever seemed to overpower the other. Additionally, the tension between Simoon and Tenka, essentially, Tenka’s connection with everyone, provides a nice counterpoint to the gloomy subject matter.

38. AXED


AXED; Credits: FaceBook

Axelia is the protagonist of the comic.  She has always dreamed of becoming a Monster Hunter and has desired to do so since she was a tiny girl. She put forth a lot of effort and was tenacious in the pursuit of her goal. Then, with her entire professional life ahead of her on the day she finished Monster Hunter school, the nation proclaimed an end to the conflict between humans and monsters.

Axelia is now forced to accept any employment opportunities that will hire her because she has no other marketable talents and a meaningless degree. Axelia is eager to discover the thrill she seeks, even if it means working a soul-crushing minimum wage job, along with a wisecracking, underperforming demon and gorgeous wood fairy whose roots don’t quite touch the soil. 

39. oh! Holy


oh! Holy
oh! Holy; Credits: YouTube

When you’re able to see and communicate with the unseen, why care if you are unseen in high school? Jamie Oh is a shy and private individual who prefers to blend in and confides solely in his pals, who also happen to be spirits. His everyday life, or rather, paranormal existence, takes an unexpected turn when the most prominent girl in school shows an interest in him. This webcomic is amusing, moving, and occasionally relatable.

Because of how the author has portrayed the humor through the characters’ responses, the jokes have more impact. Additionally, the individuals are jumbles of confusion with unique peculiarities. Although this webcomic can become chaotic at times, I believe it reflects the characters’ maturity despite their youth.

40. Always Human


Always Human
Always Human; Credits: Tumblr

In the 24th century, when this webcomic is set, technology advanced far beyond our wildest dreams. In this universe, you can employ modifications (mods) to change a variety of things, including your appearance.

Sunati adores virtual reality and all things mod. Austen, a young woman she encounters, appears to be completely incapable of using mods. Thankfully, we get to watch the two fall in love. This webcomic is not plot-heavy; it tends more toward slice-of-life; yet, it gives a beautifully warm story with just the right amount of suspense to keep it interesting. It addresses many types of healthy relationships and is diverse. You will be overcome with joy after reading this narrative, and you will feel cozy as well.

41. The Strange Tale of Oscar Zahn


The Strange Tale of Oscar Zahn
The Strange Tale of Oscar Zahn; Credits: El Octova

This is a fantastic read. Oscar, a skeleton supernatural investigator who helps both the alive and the dead, is the center of the story. Like a compilation of short stories, this webcomic. Along with Oscar, each episode features characters who serve as its main characters and a fully thought plot. The writer thoughtfully and artfully explores each story arc.

This webcomic’s intense and genuine exploration of human emotions is one feature I appreciate. Something unexpected for a webcomic whose protagonist is a flying skull that battles ghosts. This webcomic’s backdrop looks to be in the Nineteenth century, as seen by the subdued colors, gothic details, and strong contrast.

42. Ghost Teller


Ghost Teller
Ghost Teller; Credits: YouTube

Have you been looking for spooky stories featuring spooky characters? Then this webcomic is for you. You’ll be left wondering who the true demons are after reading this webcomic. Ghosts or humans?

In essence, this webcomic is a compilation of horrifying tales recounted by the deceased. It’s an intriguing spin on buddies telling spooky tales to each other at night. The gang of ghosts is an intriguing yet frightful clique since they each have their own distinctive identities.

The best horror webcomic available is this one. You will be incensed, outraged, and even get goosebumps after viewing this webcomic. A warning is in order, this webcomic is not for the weak of heart.

43. I Don’t Want This Kind of Hero


I Don't Want This Kind of Hero
I Don’t Want This Kind of Hero; Credits: WebToon

Naga, the overpowering protagonist who doesn’t want to be a superhero, is the focus of this webcomic. He lacks a significant sense of justice, unlike the other heroes, and is instead a lazy youngster who is readily swayed by offers of reward. Even the antagonists in this webcomic have interesting personalities!

In exploring their backstories, the author creates people with distinctive personalities and fascinating reasons. Physical comedy humor, dad jokes, and sarcastic situations counteract all of this. All things considered, this is the funniest and most interesting webcomic available.

44. The Fever King


The Fever King
The Fever King; Credits: YouTube

Noam lvaro, the lone survivor of a supernatural illness, is admitted to an academy where he would be required to protect Carolinia, the country that persecuted his family. Noam decides to use all of the knowledge he gains to destroy Carolinia, but he is soon sidetracked by a mysterious and strong classmate who cautions him that nothing is what it seems.

This webcomic may not be as lighthearted as the others on this list, but it is still a great read. The webcomic effectively addresses difficult issues. It is jam-packed with dramatic moments, morally grey characters, story twists, and an intriguing romance. This webcomic is complete. For anyone searching for a gripping drama with some unexpected twists, I would strongly recommend this.

45. Freaking Romance


Freaking Romance
Freaking Romance

This is not your typical love story about a gorgeous ghost who haunts a house and falls for the individual who rents it. Despite being classified as a rom-com, it contains other elements as well. Because of Zylith’s enthusiasm for painting, her father evicted her from her own home and criticized her from an early age. She decides to leave home because she does not want to become a physician or a lawyer.

A seductive spooky tale about locating your ideal house on your own, being alone, and finding out that your new house is inhabited by a dashing spectral visitor from another universe. Sure, He cannot see you, and she is unable to feel him, but who says all romances begin blissfully?

46. Manager Kim


Manager Kim
Manager Kim

Mr. Kim, a single father, business manager, and former member of the black ops led a routine life till his child Minji vanished. Mr. Kim, who believes his daughter may be dead, becomes vengeful and begins to look for answers. By whatever force is necessary, he will save his daughter, even if that means killing everyone and everything in his way.

This webtoon is bursting at the seams with exciting action. From the beginning, the central protagonist has an advantage. Both the plot and the action are performed excellently. You don’t get the impression that this is just mindless activity. The bad guys truly give off a gangster atmosphere. This is more akin to a case of bullying gone bad. I advise trying this one.

47. Random Chat


Random Chat
Random Chat; Credits: YouTube

You can identify with Joon-Woo if you have recently graduated from high school or are still in it. His main source of happiness as an outcast and lonely is the time he spent aimlessly speaking with people on his phone. Before Joon-Woo finds success—and is paired in a private conversation with a lovely young girl his age—everything is strange and pointless.

Jackpot! For a guy who has never even been close to being kissed, things start to feel a little too real when he learns that the same attractive girl is his friend Seung Ah. In this series, several intriguing topics are being addressed, discussed, and investigated. Depression, bullying, addiction, arrogance, sense of self-worth, erroneous information, stress, and numerous other things.

48. Hanlim Gym


Hanlim Gym
Hanlim Gym; Credits: YouTube

Yeongha, a recent transfer student, is fed up with getting bullied and vows to fight back. He surprisingly learns he can throw a good punch. He quickly rises to the top of the hierarchy and relishes his new position as the fiercest student at the school.

But he runs into trouble when Suho Kang, the PVP games’ champ, destroys him and his team by himself. Yeongha decides to play in the PVP games to regain his honor. Will Suho’s pounding eventually satisfy him? Or will he get more from it?

49. Tower Of God


Tower Of God
Tower Of God; Credits: YouTube

However, at the start of the story, Rachel leaves Bam behind and goes up into the castle, giving Bam no choice but to accompany her. The castle itself is an enigmatic and mystical location full of unusual settings.

People approach the castle intending to climb it; on the route, they will encounter hostile opponents and confront difficult obstacles. Bam, though, is just interested in finding Rachel. Tower of God is currently—and has been for some time—among the best manhwa available online. Give it a shot; it’s worthwhile.

50. Sweet Home


Sweet Home
Sweet Home; Credits: YouTube

Now, streaming has seen significant adaption. After a sudden family tragedy forces him to leave his home, a solitary high school student discovers something even more terrifying: a world in which monsters are attempting to exterminate humans. He is now forced to battle alongside a few reluctant heroes to preserve the planet before it is too late.

Sweet Home is more than just a terrifying webcomic. The tale is incredibly intriguing, which drew me in right away. The characters are fantastic, and I feel a real connection with most of them! The artwork is stunning, and the plot “twists” had me wriggling in my seat.

By Arushi Chadha

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