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Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND DLCAnd Other Details Revealed

Kingdom Hearts III released in January of 2019 which was developed and Published by Square Enix. The game was received well by both the critics as well as the fans. Story of this game was pretty amazing and the gameplay was top notch. Furthermore, it was so popular that it sold more than 5 million copies were sold, becoming the fastest-selling title in the franchise in less than two weeks after its release.

People were waiting for this game for quite sometime now and the game stood up their fans expectations. After all this time, the game is getting a DLC which will be adding more things to the game. The name of this is ReMind and it will be releasing on 23 January 2020 and Xbox players will be receiving the add-on one month later. There is also a trailer that was shown during the State of Play stream.

But, the trailer for the DLC was accidentally released on the official YouTube page of the game which seen by many people but it was later taken down by the developers. This DLC is broken down into two different purchasing options. First of will cost $30 and has the DLC, a baker’s dozen of boss battles, and some new features. The other one will cost $40 and includes all that previous stuff and a concert video. Down below is a photo which will explain what this will both of these will have.

Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND

Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND (Credits: Square Enix)