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The Trade Season 2: Storyline, Cast, andDetails

Trade Season 2

The web series, “The Trade,” directed by Heineman, focuses on the grim heroin crisis in the United States. The director of the show does not take the usual script – he dares to explore the unknown side of the drug trade. He depicts the complete picture of mayhem across the North American Border, exposing the role of Guerro and Mexico in breeding the opium dependent system. The series received wide acclaim in Season 1 for a vivid portrayal of drug cartels, which was premiered in February 2018.

The Trade Season 2: Storyline

The web series is set in Latin America and revolves around the filthy US opium trade. The city of Columbus is projected as the grade and base of drug smuggling. The analysis of the central plot of the series reveals that the main intention of the creators is to point out the indifferent government attitude and fragile economy of Latin America, forcing farmers to produce only opium for living amidst political unrest. The director exposes the complete picture of the drug addicts – their miserable families and horrendous intention to commit crimes, including adultery to warn viewers about the reality behind the negative glamour of drug-taking. The series, besides showing the power games of drug lords to regain supremacy, also throws light on the insecure lives of the drug dealers as they constantly are under threats of being spied and thrown away.

The law enforcement officers of Ohio police, are unfortunately the ‘unsung heroes’ of the black web. Accordingly, they also pay the price for it – they get in between the strife between buyers and sellers and are always tensed about the unexpected scenarios they will witness. The director has shown utmost prudence in projecting the officers as the real ‘maker and payer’ of the complete insidious who are hopelessly tied in the web of lust and opium for their wrongdoing.

The Trade Season 2: Cast

The prime attraction of the series is “Sick Nick Mondo.” The series comprises some of the known wrestling siblings of the day, including Drew Gulakand and Rory Gulak. However, the prime attraction of the show is the director himself- M.Heinman. He dons the cap of the director in the new series, and his excellent skills in directing give a voice and identity to the silently silenced. His director outperforms all the actors on screen. Truly amazing, right?

The Trade Season 2: update

The first season of The Trade was premiered in February 2018 on showtime in the US. The season brought the complete picture of the dark trade in the US with its web and players in Latin America and claimed global appreciation.

However, after the end of Season 1, no news of the initiation of Season 2 has reached the doors of media. One can guess M.Heineman has something else to say about his revered show, but most likely, there is no Season 2 coming our way!

Hence, the question of updates is also out of context! However, if The Trade breaks the trade of dismay and disgust, then the fans can see one brand new season – Season 3 coming our way somewhere in 2020 or 2021.