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‘Battle Frenzy’ Chapter 143: update and Spoilers

‘Battle Frenzy’ Cha‘Battle Frenzy’ Chapter 143 update and Spoilerspter 143 Spoilers

There is a gathering of assassins from all over world for the upcoming competition in the latest chapter of ‘Battle Frenzy’. The manga made its latest release on the 4th of January 2020 with the release of chapter 142. So in this post, we are going to talk about ‘Battle Frenzy’ Chapter 143 update and spoilers. As usual, we are going to take a look at the spoilers first so if you don’t like them you can just skip the spoilers section and read more information about the release of the upcoming chapters and their details.

‘Battle Frenzy’ Chapter 143 Spoilers

‘Battle Frenzy’ Chapter 143 update and Spoilers

It is a gathering of assassins as various of them had arrived from all over the world in the latest episode. So the participants were asked to enter the stage and other members of the team were asked to remain. The first round begins with 4 participants that were randomly selected by Joseph, the examiner for the competitions. Elena was called in the first group and 3 participants where eliminated in an instant as everyone wanted to see if she will be able to make it through. So at the end of the round, everyone was eliminated and the next contestants where to be called next.

When Can You Expect ‘Battle Frenzy’ Chapter 143?

This manga releases new chapters on a period of about 3-4 days. The latest release was on the 4th of January 2020 with chapter 142. So this means that chapter 143 will be already released by the 8th of January 2020. In case there are any updates we will be bringing you in the meantime so make sure to regularly check for new updates.

Where Can You Read ‘Battle Frenzy’ Manga?

As of now, there is no official website for you to read ‘Battle Frenzy’ manga online, it is available on AC.QQ magazine so you can support the creators by buying the magazine. We highly advise you to support the official releases as this supports the creators.

What Is ‘Battle Frenzy’ Manga About?

This manga is about an orphan who, amidst disaster, contracts a sickness. In his working time, he is tormented by his ailment, but when he slumbers, there is infinite darkness. One day when he was 5 years old, a strange fate trickster appeared in his dreams. After 10 years he dreams of being a lord and to do so, he takes a chance at trading his fate.