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Wanda Vision – Jac Shaeffer Had A Lot Of Headaches And Was Quite Nervous About Show!

Wanda Vision - Jac Shaeffer Had A Lot Of Headaches And Was Quite Nervous About Show!

It feels like not a single week will go just like that without discussing Marvel’s returning show Wanda Vision and all the theories surrounding it. Let’s not hold back; it Marvel, after all, and for the very first time, its quite different from the things the fans were used to watching in a project produced by the Marvel Studios and thus, the series had a lot of going on that wasn’t quite expected from the fans. From the show impersonating various sitcoms throughout television history as it bumped from different decades to maintaining the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s continuity, the show has previewed us the uniqueness that Kevin Feige promised for Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4.

So, Wanda Vision keeps buzzing as it makes waves for entertainment on Fridays; the series also questions making such a unique and never before seen concept while also questioning the mysterious inside its plots. Jac Shaeffer, the showrunner for the latest Marvel’s Disney Plus series, shared her experience while creating the show that gave her headaches and made her nervous about whether the fans will love the quite different setting from the regular storyline Marvel used to portray. So here we are, breaking down everything Jac Shaeffer had to say about creating Wanda Vision.

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Jac Shaeffer On Wanda Vision Giving Her Headaches

In an interview with Digital Spy, Wanda Vision creator Jac Shaeffer talked about everything she had in mind while creating Wanda Vision ranging and how all these new concepts gave her a headache while trying to execute so. Shaeffer quoted that when her team was breaking down the show, it was very hard for them since there were different levels and goals, and Shaeffer has a lot of memories of it because of the way it gave her a headache and questioned them on how to pull all these aspects off.

Wanda Vision - Jac Shaeffer Had A Lot Of Headaches And Was Quite Nervous About Show!

Jac Shaeffer stated that it took a lot of color coding and formatting to make everything work for the show and decide what’s too much? And ranging from who’s gliding the lily to what’s not enough? All these developmental decisions took a hard toll on Jac Shaeffer and her team while creating Wanda Vision.

Jac Shaeffer further applauded the whole production team, especially director Matt Shackman and Mark Worthington, and Mayes Rubeo, who executed everything so well. Due to the production team being on top of their work, all this beautiful work came onto screens through Wanda Vision.

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Jac Shaeffer On Being Nervous About Fan’s Reaction For Wanda Vision

In the same interview, Jac Shaeffer talked about being nervous about the reaction Wanda Vision is set to get once it makes its way to the Disney Plus and stated how she was worried about it, yet she believed in the project a lot. Shaeffer quoted that even though she was worried, she believed in the concept and her take on it and was really interested in risk for it, and that’s why she wanted this job and stood up for it. Jac Shaeffer further stated that even the writers believed in the show, and she had hired all the individuals interested in doing daring, bold, and some noisy stuff as they all have crazy influences.

Wanda Vision - Jac Shaeffer Had A Lot Of Headaches And Was Quite Nervous About Show!

Jac Shaeffer further noted that she was so into the show but was nervous that the show might not get a warm response. She noted all the things she was afraid she would receive from the fans. She was afraid that fans might turn away or get confused or probably lose their patience, but she is glad now that they are on the fourth episode and fans are still invested in it, and she is quite happy about it.

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So, everyone can agree that even us along with the die-hard Marvel fans and critics, though Wanda Vision being a really great experimental show, might not get a warm response due to the fact it was stretching its boundaries far away from the regular superhero story that traditional fans were used to. The Disney Plus show, as quoted by Marvel President Kevin Feige himself, was a unique and out-of-the-box concept that has so far been executed pretty wellWanda Vision - Jac Shaeffer Had A Lot Of Headaches And Was Quite Nervous About Show!

Wanda Vision as a show took a huge toll when it decided to go away from their regular superhero tone that Marvel fans are used to. The sitcom impersonation and the recreating the different decades was executed perfectly by the creators, let it be the clothes, the TV format, the classic cheesy jokes that worked brilliantly, and the fourth episode sorting and giving fans a little glimpse into what exactly is happening.

asWanda Vision - Jac Shaeffer Had A Lot Of Headaches And Was Quite Nervous About Show!

So, even though risking it and being completely different, Wanda Vision has constantly been a huge success, and we look forward to it doing so. As we noticed from the fourth episode, Wanda Vision has now been taking a darker tone while moving away from the light-hearted sitcom setting and we are quite intrigued to see what is about to take place in the show. So, let’s stay tuned and look forward to what we can expect from Wanda Vision as the show takes a darker turn and reveals more of the secrets of whatever is happening with Wanda in the Marvel’s Wanda Vision streaming now on Disney +.

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