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Boise Boys Season 3 New Cast, and New Season Details

Boise Boys Season 3
Boise Boys Season 3

The American Reality TV show, Boise Boys, is a series about houses and living, which is telecasted on HGTV. The series centers around two pals- Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell, who are into the house flipping business.

Throughout the show, we get a glimpse into the dynamics of friendship between Clint and Luke and how it plays out in their personal lives. The series showcases some of the house renovations they do in their hometown Boise, Idaho. The duo actually buys and sells these renovated homes through their company name, Timber & Love.

The first season of the series was telecasted on May 21, 2017. It has run two seasons successfully. Now, the fans are eager to know about the prospects of Season 3.

What is Boise Boys Season 3 Cast?

Luke and Clint are presented to be the best friends of the arena, both of whom visualize one single goal- to make the Boise beautiful house, one at a time. Such a dream requires renovation, and such renovation requires art and level-headedness, and this is what the duo brings to the table. The show explores the various facets of the repair, such as hard work,  detail-oriented, mutual support, and significant sensibility. All such ingredients are required to create a feeling called “home.”

The two friends met together in 2015 to form the reality and design-based firm called ‘Timber and love.’ The duo didn’t learn to look back since then.

Boise Boys Season 3

Boise Boys Season 3

The show ensures that we know the duo friends at a personal level as it presents us to their families and children as well. But the specialty of the show lies in the beautiful mingle of success and failure, making it real and beautiful in the first place.

The standout feature of the show is the love that the friends infuse into every project. However, it seems evident that from a glass light fixture that is hand-blown to a headboard that has been made from a 70-year old tree, the perfect balance of the skills possessed by the two friends helps the viewers to connect their hearts to the duo’s renovation.

Who is Boise Boys Season 3 Cast?

The prime focus of the show is the two friends- Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson. The two friends are distinct from each other and adapt their own conventional and sometimes even opposite approaches to house renovation.

Luke is a refined designer who likes to reach for the stars. He adds artistic sensibility to the renovation. Clint is grounded and cares about the bottom line of restoration. He combines pragmatism in teamwork. One without another is incomplete in house renovation as Luke cannot add originality to the process,, and Clint cannot maintain budget constraints.

When is Boise Boys Season 3 update?

Season 3 of Boise Boys is scheduled to premiere on April 2020 though there is no official word yet. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.