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Will Netflix Renew Equinox For Another Mysteriously Thrilling Season?

Last year in December, Equinox hit Netflix and gained popularity among the audience. This mystery thriller series was once a podcast. It is Tea Lidenburg who created the podcast and is also involved in the Equinox series. Perhaps, the supernatural element in this Netflix series has kept the audience captivated. Thus, the fans are expecting a renewal of this series. However, this season of Equinox answered all the questions as it concluded. It would be great if Netflix happens to launch a new season of the show. To know more about this mysterious show, read along and discover the developments and latest updates. 

Developments of Equinox:

Equinox is a Danish show and based on a Danish podcast by Tea Lidenburg. The podcast is itself named Equinox 1985. Moreover, this show was released in December 2020. The first season has six episodes, each unraveling its mystery. All the episodes were released on 30th December 2020 at once. Just like its name, Equinox has a unique plot and storyline that captured the audience. Furthermore, the series was filmed in Denmark and thus had very intriguing scenes. The visuals seem dark and haunting, but you would stay glued to your seat until the series ends. The series has a Nordic ambiance and flaunts the clear but bitter waters and shady forests. 

The Storyline of Equinox:

The dramatic narrative of the events in the life of a journalist is shown in Equinox. The lead character Astrid is traumatized since her childhood. Firstly, she was just nine years old when her elder sister Ida is mysteriously disappeared. Moreover, it was not just her but Ida’s classmates who also went missing on graduation that posed a mystery. Secondly, Astrid was surrounded by nightmares and suffer from frightful scenes in her sleep. However, Astrid has to live with this tragedy until the time comes when she makes a decision. 

Surprisingly, Astrid gets a call from one of the classmates of her sister, Ida. Even if it was completely unexpected, Astrid determined to find out about her sister’s mysterious vanishing in 1999. Finally, after twenty-one years, Astrid decides to begin her quest and find what happened long ago. However, the revelations she ends to involve very dark and unimagined things. 

Recap of Equinox Season 1:

The story opens up with Ida and her classmates partying on a truck. They go missing, and their families are left with the tragedy. Astrid is Ida’s sister who suffers from nightmares and sees visions from a parallel reality. Fast forward to 21 years, she is shown conducting daily podcasts and has a normal life. However, one of the survivors from the mysterious incident with her sister Ida suddenly calls her. This disturbs Astrid, but she also gets determined to find out what happened with her sister. With the help of the leads she gets, Astrid reaches a cave, which is where the mystery unravels.

Furthermore, this is a supernatural story based on the mythological Goddess Ostara and the Equinox cult. The Spring Goddess Ostara falls in love with Hare King of the parallel reality, but they couldn’t stay together. Surprisingly, it is discovered that Ida is Ostara, and so does Astrid. Their mother, Lene, who was unable to get pregnant, had a deal with Hare King that she has to return Ida to him once she turns 18. However, it is not fulfilled, and the Hare King trapped the students due to some reasons. It is when Astrid enters this parallel world that everything is sorted, and all the students return. However, Astrid and Ida decide to stay with the Hare King. 

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Release Date of Equinox Season 2:

Equinox has a very unique and shady storyline. This season gained so much audience and got well appreciated. However, the enigma of the show appears to get resolved by the end of season one. Moreover, there is not anything more left to the story as of now. But for the fans who think that story of Equinox is at par with Dark, there should be a second season to it. Furthermore, there has not been any official announcement about the renewal of the show yet. Although, if the production of Equinox season 2 starts soon, it will be released by the end of 2021. So, for the fans who expect that season 2 will make its way on Netflix, they have to wait until 2021 ends or even until 2022.

The Cast of Equinox:

This amazing show has a wonderful cast. The lead character, Astrid, is played by a Danish actress. There are various other prominent characters in the story. Moreover, we could wish to see some of them reappear in the next season. Following is the list of character from Equinox:

  • Danica Curcic in the character of Astrid
  • Viola Martinsen in the character of Astrid, 9 years old
  • Lars Brygmann in the character of Dennis
  • Karoline Hamm in the character of Ida
  • Hanne Hedelund in the character of Lene
  • Ask Truelsen in the character of Falke.
  • Alexandre Willaume in the character of Henrik
  • Peder Holm Johansen as Torben
  • Rasmus Hammerich in the character of Mathias
  • Fanny Bornedal in the character of Amelia
  • August Carter in the character of Jakob
  • Zaki Nobel Mehabil in the character of David
  • Tina Gylling Mortensen in the character of Doris
  • Susanne Storm in the character of Isobel

These were the details about the fascinating yet dark world of Equinox. We will keep you updated with the new developments and announcements of the show. Till then, watch the first season of Equinox and get thrilled!

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