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Floribama Shore: Will There Be A New Series?

Floribama Shore was recently in its Season 2, and there’s the talk of Season 3 already. The last of the finale episode of Season 2 called “To Hunch Or To Punch” ended on 7 February 2019. It dealt with the story of Nilsa, again, the woman who’d to juggle living with two exes in the same house. Nilsa is indecisive as of now regarding which of her exes to drop and to talk of indecisiveness, so is Gus. Gus was last seen unsure of his future. Next, we’ll talk about Aimee who sought a lawyer’s help to deal with her mounting problems. Alright, with Season 2 finale details out of the way, let’s talk of Floribama Shore Season 3 details.

Floribama Shore Season 2 announcement was made around the day, Season 1 finale episode aired. But as of now, we don’t have a Season 3 confirmation; the makers either are choosing to delay it or are thinking of not renewing the show. The truth is, as of now we can’t take a guess but let’s be hopeful of Floribama Shore Season 3 coming out in the coming year or so. And if that happens, Floribama will be available for us to watch in the fall of 2020.

Regarding the cast of Floribama Shore, one must expect all standard cast members to be back. Hence, the likes of Jeremiah, Codi, Kortni, Aimee, Kirk, Nilsa, Candace, and Gus, will all be back. However, Aimee’s future is doubted by some. As you may have seen, Aimee Hall she was in deep trouble after she IRL was caught grabbing and punching a woman in Panama City Beach bar.

This particular incident led to a lot of bad press; the woman victim filed a lawsuit against Aimee Hall and the show’s production company. Aimee Hall got out by entering a no contest plea, and she was sentenced to six months of probation. She paid a sum of $4,307.08 in restitution and a fine of $400 complete, 35 hours of community service.

With that being said, if at all Floribama Shore gets renewed, we’ll keep you updated. More as we have it.