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Ninjago Season 10 Trailer, And Episodes

ninjago season 10 update

In this post, we are going to be talking about Ninjago Season 10 episodes, and cast. The tenth season is titled March of the Oni, and it was preceded by Ninjago Season 9 and Tales from the monastery of Spinjitzu. The tenth season will also be called ‘Masters of Spinjitzu’ due to the same reason.

Ninjago Season 10 will follow the story that started in the eighth season. As of now there is no mascot or any main characters, so far we only have a little bit of information on the villain, and it is Oni, it will serve as the villainous faction in the tenth season.

The tenth season will only have a total of 4 episodes; it has also alternatively been edited into a TV film spanning a total of 88 minutes. The first teaser for the Ninjago Season 10 was released on December 16, 2018, which is below.

The official season 10 trailer was released just a few days ago, here it is:

The Hageman Brothers are involved in the creation of the story of the tenth season, but they are not involved in the script writing. Bragi Schut is the lead writer for Ninjago Season 10. He has also previously worked on Hunter and Sons of Garmadon.

We also have information on the cast of the tenth season. The cast includes Kirby Morrow as Cole, Lee Tockar as Cyrus Borg, Alan Marriott as Dareth, Kathleen Barr as Faith, Mark Oliver as Garmadon, Michael Adamthwaite as Jay, Vincent Tong as Kai, Sam Vincent as Lloyd Garmadon, Kathleen Barr as Misako, Kelly Metzger as Nya, Jennifer Hayward as P.I.X.A.L., Paul Dobson as Wu, and Brent Miller as Zane.

Ninjago season 10 was released in New Zealand on 19 January 2019, and the last episode was broadcasted on 9 February 2019. However, there is no official announcement regarding the US update. The show will be released in the US on Cartoon Network as usual, butis not disclosed yet. Stay tuned to OtakuKart as we will keep you posted with further development!

Updated on 28 March 2019:

We have been waiting for a US release, and we finally have it. The tenth season will premiere on 19 April 2019, as we anticipated earlier. A lot of spoilers have been provided across the cyberspace because New Zealand citizens have watched it already, so it is very obvious that they will discuss about it. We will not be talking about those spoilers, as we want to keep the excitement of fans intact.

As we have finally got a it is time to see how Ninjas face evil forces, and will they successfully make it or not. There will be four episodes in the tenth season, and all of them will be broadcasted on the same day. It is a treat for Ninjago fans, as they are supposed to get a lot of content on 19 April 2019. So, just wait for it, it will be surely worth it!