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Trolls World Tour: update, Plot, Cast, and Update Details

Trolls World Tour
Trolls World Tour

The upcoming animated musical comedy film Trolls World Tour is around the corner, and fans of the movie are looking forward to seeing what the upcoming sequel is all about. A lot of new rumors and speculations have surfaced up lately, and we have gathered all the recent updates and information regarding the animated movie, so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Trolls World Tour.

Trolls World Tour will be highly engaging, and its storyline will impress all the fans who were amazed by the first installment in the series. Directed by Walt Dohrn, the film will serve as the sequel to 2016’s Trolls, and fans will be happy to know that the animated film will receive a digital release on the same day as its release.

Trolls World Tour is produced by Gina Shay while the screenplay is provided by Wallace Wolodarsky, Jonathan Aibel, Maya Forbes, Glenn Berger, and Elizabeth Tippet. The movie has been pushed back several times due to the current pandemic Corona Virus, and now, to limit mass gathering at the theatres, the animated film will be having its digital release in the same date as its official theatrical release, so fans are looking forward to grabbing the copy for themselves.

When is the ‘Trolls World Tour’ update? – Update

Trolls World Tour was set to release in the theatres on 10th April 2020, but it has now been cancelled due to Coronavirus Pandemic, and it will no longer release in the cinemas, instead, Trolls World Tour will be releasing on Rental on 10th April 2020. It is the same date as the cinematic update.

Trolls World Tour Updates:

Now, the current condition is already pretty tough, and most of the movie theatres shutting down to avoid mass gathering, the owners are facing huge losses, and Trolls 2’s same-day digital release didn’t go down too well with the owners.

The chief of NATO (National Association of Theatre Owners), John Fithian revealed that the theatre owners are very much angry with this move of Trolls 2, as it will impact the already suffering theatre model at great lengths, and with many employees out of work at the moment, things are looking took tight for all of them.

Trolls World Tour Plot: What do we know?

The story will pick up from the final events of the first installment, and it will explore the six different Trolls of other lands each of which have their own form of music.

According to the latest updates, the world will get a lot bigger as compared to that of part 1 and will revolve around Branch and Poppy as they start their journey along with their friends to unite all other Trolls to fight against King Thrash, who wants to eradicate all other forms of music to start his rock regime.

Who is in the Cast of ‘Trolls World Tour’?

The cast for the upcoming movie includes Anna Kendrick as Poppy, Justin Timberlake as Branch, Ron Funches as Cooper, James Corden as Biggie, Kunal Nayyar as Guy Diamond, Mary J. Blige as Queen Essence, George Clinton as King Quincy, Gustavo Dudamel as Wolfgang Trollzart, Anthony Ramos as King Trollex, Kelly Clarkson as Delta Dawn, Kenan Thompson as Tiny Diamond, Kevin Michael Richardson as Mr. Dinkles, Rachel Bloom as Barb, Walt Dohrn as Smidge, Ester Dean as Legsly, Anderson Paak as Darnell, Charlyne Yi as Pennywhistle, Ozzy Osbourne as King Thrash, and others.