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Boondocks Season 5: John Witherspoon Hits At Fifth Installment

Actor John Witherspoon revealed to us that The Boondocks would return for Season 5 soon. Witherspoon divulged into these details at an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast while talking of how on-screen performances somehow match his real-life persona by saying he’s the cartoon, The Boondocks. Witherspoon said that he didn’t change her voice for the show, and it is coming back; Boondocks is coming back. According to the actor, it is one of the best cartoons he’s ever been on.

The cartoon-show The Boondocks is based upon Aaron McGruder’s comic strip by the same name. The show aired its beloved characters Huey, Riley, and Grandad in 2005. The premise of the show is that it traces the lives of Freeman family, they have shifted to a white suburban neighborhood, of karate-wielding older adults, conflicted rappers and trigger-happy millionaires.

Season 1 through 3 of The Boondocks were critical and commercial hits. They death with issues of a whole wide spectrum such as R. Kelly to the election of Barack Obama. The fourth Season was received mixedly by the audiences in 2014.

Creator McGruder’s involvement is not confirmed for the show, but he did review the February of 2019 on Donald Trump’s presidency. So far, Adult Swim hasn’t confirmed the revival of The Boondocks.