Letterkenny Season 7 Confirmed: And Cast

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Letterkenny Season 7

In this post, we are going to talk about Letterkenny season 7 Updates So Far. As we know, the comedy show has been getting a lot of appreciation and positive comments from the viewers as well as critics. The show was created by Canadian network CraveTV which became successful across Canada. Seeing the potential, Hulu decided to buy American broadcast rights, and it turned out even better!

The recent sixth season was released in December 2018, in Canada. However, American fans were also taken care as Hulu decided to add seasons three to six in December of 2018. Hence, the whole of North America is now waiting for the seventh season, and we are here to talk about the same.

So, will there be a seventh season? Well, there is no official information which can confirm the seventh season. (Updated information at the end.) However, it was announced back in October 2017 that the show has been renewed for 40 more episodes. After that announcement, we have received 21 episodes, or three seasons and three special episodes. Therefore, we still have a lot to see in Letterkenny!

It seems like we are going to have a seventh season, but when? Unfortunately, there is no announcement related to aof the seventh season. But the show usually releases new seasons in either June or July or December. Thus, we can expect the seventh season around June or July of 2019. Also, the seventh season would have six episodes, same as all the other seasons! The main cast of the show is as follows.

Jared Keeso as Wayne / Shoresy
Nathan Dales as Daryl
K Trevor Wilson as Dan
Michelle Mylett as Katy
Dylan Playfair as Reilly
Tyler Johnston as Stewart
Andrew Herr as Jonesy
Evan Stern as Roald

Updated on 12 May 2019:

Finally, we have got confirmation about the seventh season. It was provided earlier, which many did not even know. It is known that the renewals of Letterkenny do not make it to the headlines until Hulu decides to bring it in the United States. Previously, CraveTV and New Metric Media had announced that they have decided to run the season for at least 73 episodes.

If they are determined to do so, then we should not worry about the comedy show for five more seasons, till the eleventh season. Hence, more episodes are coming. We are still believing in our previous prediction, as the show might return by July this year.

Updated on 11 June 2019:

While all the fans are waiting for the comedy series, there are major developments happening for the show. We were wondering why is there no more news coming out about the show, but it was the silence before a storm. Hulu might be dealing with the original creators and producers, as Hulu has now acquired the rights of the show.

Which means, the show will now be produced under Hulu original banner. Hulu already had US rights for the previous seasons, but now it has bought all the rights of the show. Moreover, they have also announced the seventh season, which will be out on 14 October 2019. While the episode count is not yet announced, we expect 6-7 episodes in the next season.

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