One Piece Episode 943 Preview, and Spoilers

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One Piece

Yasuie’s Execution has changed the life of Land of Wano and Ebisu’s Town, Orochi is happy that he killed Yasuie. Toko is in great pain witnessing her father lying down she squeeze inside the fence and heads towards her father. She tried to wake him up and Orochi noticed her. Orochi got furious firing double bullets towards her with an aim of killing her. He said that her daughter is responsible for his beloved Komursaki’s death and if she didn’t laugh like an idiot Komurasaki would still be alive.

Zoro and Sanji break the fence and block the bullets that were about to kill Toko. The guards notice that it is Zorjuro the magistrate killer and Sangoro the soba cook. Other Straw Hat members are also there disguising themself Usopp notices that they are now going to be in trouble. Nami said she can’t blame them someone has to save Toko’s life and Franky adds that they did a good job. Zoro is holding Toko who is still crying and Luffy is happy seeing them at a big screen inside Udon prison.

Today’s post is about One Piece Episode 943 preview, and recap. The battle is on at the execution ground it is going to be a bloody battle. Take a look at the Anime weekly schedule here for you not to miss any episodes of One Piece.

One Piece Episode 943 will be released on Sunday, 27 September 2020, at 9:30 AM JST. Note that every Sunday this Anime will be releasing a new episode. For you not to miss a new episode change the JST time to your local time. Let’s move to the updates down here.

One Piece
One Piece

Previously on One Piece Episode 942

At the execution ground, Orochi is angrily asking them how dare they interfere with her execution. He also said that Toko is a criminal just like her father. Orochi orders weaklings samurai from the land of Wano to kill everyone who interferes with execution. Zoro is slashing the samurai with his sword while Sanji is using the fire powers of his legs. After they finished wiping them out Zoro teases Sanji that he is Browgoro instead of Sangoro. Sanji replied that it is Sangoro and Zoro is Mossjuro.

Brook explains to Komurasaki how those two are related to them. X-Drake with Basil they notice that they are a group of the Straw Hat Pirates and that confirms that all of them are in the Land of Wano. Sanji yells at X-Drake telling him not to call him Vinsmoke. X-Drake transforms saying that he will kill Sanji and Zoro pass Toko to Sanji saying run Browgoro. He looks at Orochi and Orochi got scared since he knows that he is going to attack.

Zoro said he has to cut Orochi himself and Sanji reminds Zora that they can’t let Tonoyasu’s sacrifice go to waste. Zoro unleashes 720-Pound Phoenix using a two-sword style. He slashes all the samurai protecting Orochi. Kyoshiro suddenly appears and stops the attack from killing Orochi and Usopp is shocked that Zoro’s attack is repelled. Yami said Kyoshiro is the one who cuts Komurasaki without knowing the truth. Kamurasaki is there standing near Brook in disguise.

X-Drake is now in his monster form behind Sanji and he attacks Sanji who kicked him at his head. Franky said that they have to join the fight too and Shinobu said we can’t let them expose Yasuie’s body to public view. She decides that they have to steal Yasuei’s body somehow. Nami said that Shinobu and Kanjuro must take away Yasuie’ body and the Straw Hat crew will deal with the mess. Kyoshiro orders the soldier to take Orochi to the castle.

Franky enters the battle and fights with the soldiers with guns so that they won’t get in Zoro’s way to clash with Kyoshiro. Franky destroys all of them using ”Storm Right.”Franky stole Yasuie’s body and runaway and Usopp is shooting the soldiers that are chasing Franky. Robin uses Gidantesco Mano Spank and slaps the soldiers that wanted to kill Usopp. Nami attacks using Thunderbolt Tempo and shocks all the soldiers to death. The Straw Hat crew attacks at the same time so that they can wrap things quickly and escape.

At Udon Luffy reveals that they are his crew to Hyogoro and Queen also notices that they are friends. Suddenly the soldiers brought Hitori Kamzo handcuffed saying that he is a criminal and they also bring back the escape Captain Kid. Luffy is wondering why Kid took trouble on escaping and now he has surrendered himself.

Captain Kid reveals that Hitori is killer and he asked him what happened to him and others. Kid shed tears asking what Kaido and Orochi did to them and Killer kept on laughing. Hygoro reveals that they were forced to eat Smile fruit and he was given a mask of laughter that he can’t take off. Captain Kid is furious asking where his crew is and what happened to them.

One Piece Episode 943 Preview

For more updates about One Piece upcoming episode, they will be available for you every Sunday. With those updates and preview up above so far that is what we have to offer for you this week. You can use this to get more episodes of this Anime.

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