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James Frey’s Queen And Slim Is Coming This November

Queen And Slim
Queen And Slim (Credits: Universal Pictures)

On 23 June, BET Awards ceremony, Lena Waithe officially revealed the first glimpse of her new film, Queen & Slim, which she wrote based on the inspiration of writer James Frey. The story of this movie shows us the ways Black people overcome the daily setbacks life throws their way. She was chosen to director Melina Matsoukas. She worked with her on their Emmy-winning episode of Netflix’s Master of None, “Thanksgiving.” It’s the first movie for both artists.

Queen And Slim update

During the BET Awards, Waithe said: “When it came time to write my first feature, I wanted to explore a world where getting pulled over by the police is like playing Russian roulette, and your only weapon against injustice is your ability to never let go of who you are.” She further added that “I knew I needed other visionary artists to help tell this story and I couldn’t think of a more fitting one than the visionary director Melina Matsoukas.”

She further said that it was a challenge to bringing this film to life but it was the story she knew was necessary to tell. This is the story of resistance in which we are never victims and most importantly, a story about the strength of Black love. She further said “We set out to create a film that shows our unity as Black people, our love, is our greatest weapon against oppression. It’s our power,” The update of the movie is 27 November 2019.

Queen And Slim update

Queen And Slim (Credits: Universal Pictures)

There is a trailer for the movie which released on 31 July. As for the cast members, it stars Daniel Kaluuya as Slim, Jodie Turner-Smith as Queen, Bokeem Woodbine as Uncle Earl, Chloë Sevigny, Flea, Indya Moore, Sturgill Simpson as Officer Reed. As for the story, the official synopsis of the movie read: “Slim and Queen’s first date takes an unexpected turn when a policeman pulls them over for a minor traffic violation.

When the situation escalates, Slim takes the officer’s gun and shoots him in self-defense. Now labeled cop killers in the media, Slim and Queen feel that they have no choice but to go on the run and evade the law. When a video of the incident goes viral, the unwitting outlaws soon become a symbol of trauma, terror, grief, and pain for people all across the country.”