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Minecraft Earth Is Available For Early Access Now

Minecraft Earth update
Minecraft Earth (Credits: Mojang)

The Early Access stage of Minecraft Earth is rolling out around the globe and it is officially available to IOS and Android users of New Zealand and Iceland. In this early access, the players who have the game can build, throw down a build plate as well as create an interactive Minecraft diorama. That isn’t all that is present in this as players can also find tappables, unlock resources, unique mobs craft, smelt resources, collaborate with other Early Access builders, and also fight hostile mobs in adventures.

Minecraft Earth is Currently Available Only In Two Country For Now

You can also just sit down and just look at the beautiful world of Minecraft Earth. It is currently only available in New Zealand and Iceland where people are enjoying this to their heart’s content. But don’t worry as Mojang promise that the game coming out in many other countries in the coming weeks. In order to know when Minecraft Earth will be coming to your country, you can follow the¬†official Minecraft Earth Twitter account.

Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth (Credits: Mojang)

Moreover, for those who want to play the game themselves and want to see if it is worth playing then don’t worry as certain Microsoft stores will soon be carrying Minecraft Earth demos for all to try. The Microsoft Stores in the US, Canada, and the stores in Sydney (Australia) and London (UK) will all carry the demo.

There isn’t a time frame for the demo on which will be arriving at the Microsoft store but we might get some info on that before that. Minecraft Earth will probably be out before the end of 2019. In order to play this game, the user must have a smartphone that runs at least Android 7 or iOS 10. Also, you will need a Microsoft or Xbox Live login account.

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