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Ryan Reynolds Caught Making A Mistake In 6 Underground

Ryan Reynolds is going to play Green Lantern. He also appears aa Deadpool and shoots himself. He has featured in a scene in which he was not supposed to be present. Reynolds will be now seen in a new action movie 6 Underground. Michael Bay is directing the movie. In September 2018, the actor revealed an image in which he was talking to his followers on the street. He mentioned that the best part of his experience while working with Michael Bay was the quiet moments rather than the action.

The Instagram video uploaded by Reynolds also gave some ideas about the final cut of the movie. A scene has been spotted in the movie, which has a similar background to that of the Instagram video by Reynold. The background is about a car being tossed into the air. Fans have also said that these are the ways in which Reynolds make the viewers curious


The story of 6 Underground revolves around six agents who cannot be traced. They join together and form an elite task force to help in saving the world. Before doing so, they also give up any past connections they have and erase their pasts. The main leader of the team is the cast of Reynolds. He recruits all the team members, which include – spy Two, played by Mélanie Laurent, hitman Three, played by Manuel Gracia-Rulfo, parkour runner Four, played by Ben Hardy, doctor Five, played by Adria Arjona and Driver Six, played by Dave Franco. They are also later joined by sniper Seven who is played by Corey Hawkins.

Reynolds is known for his movies to be full of surprises, and he keeps on experimenting with new elements and messes with the audience by giving them clues and hints without giving any major information.