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Rebirth: City Deity Chapter 31 – Spoilers

Rebirth: City Deity chapter 31 update, Raw Scans, and Spoilers

We are going to talk about Rebirth: City Deity Chapter 31 where you can read the latest chapters immediately after release. Later on, we will also look at potential spoilers for the upcoming chapters of the novel and any updates info on the Raw Scans.

Rebirth: City Deity chapter Summary

This Webnovel follows the story of WuJi, a deity from the realm of cultivation who used the fate-changing skill to return to the city. This time he intends to go and right all his wrongs and make up for all the regret he had in his previous life. Wealth, strength, and power where all in his hands.

Rebirth: City Deity Chapter 31 Spoilers

Xiao li had moved to a new house suite as he can now afford to live a more luxurious life despite his mother worrying about its costs. When Chen Long came to visit and just revealed that the suite might be haunted as he explains about the past experiences he had in the suite. When he went to sleep that night, he was visited by a gloomy-looking mysterious-looking shadow. He seems to have met the shadow before as he was aware of its approach earlier before it entered the room.

Rebirth: City Deity chapter 31 update

New chapters of this series are released every 3-4 days, with chapter 30 just released on December 21st, 2019. So this means that Chapter 31 will be already out by the 24th of December 2019.

Where To Read Rebirth: City Deity Manga

The novel creators indicated at the end of the chapter that the latest updates will be on Patreon and would release two days earlier than their release in the official website “Mangadex,” but this will start on chapter 40 as the rest will still release on that same day with their Patreon account.