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HBO Max’s New Drama Series, “It’s a Sin” Based On 80’s AIDS Crisis!

"It's A Sin" Official Trailer, Plot, Cast & Release Dates - HBO Max's New Drama Series On 80's AIDS Crisis!

Last year, HBO Max debuted with an amazing range of content library, including content from Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, Crunchyroll, CNN, Adult Swim, and many more. HBO Max was applauded for its range of content. It keeps on increasing its worth by introducing a lot of Max Originals that are set to arrive on the OTT Platform. One of them includes Russell T Davies’s “It’s A Sin,” which has officially dropped its first official trailer and has thrown us back into the 80s as we witness the growing AIDS crisis in that era through the story of a group of friends who are all part of the LGBTQ community in the 80s London.

HBO Max’s “It’s A Sin,” which debuted initially on Channel 4 in the UK, will now have an official release in the US through the OTT platform and follows the story of three gay men, Ritchie, Roscoe, and Colin, who move to London searching for love and joy until a new diseasing targeting gay men arrive and threaten their loved ones. Here we are looking at the trailer and reporting everything we know about the highly praised show.

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“It’s A Sin”- Trailer

The HBO Max’s Official Trailer for “It’s A Sin,” without any further adieu, introduces us directly to our three main boys Ritchie played by Olly Alexander, Roscoe, played by Omari Douglas. Colin is played by Callum Scott Howells, three 18-year-old gay boys looking for everything they want from life and moving to London in the 1980s.

The boys find love and joy to fulfill their burning desire to live life to the fullest in the 80s London and eventually become friends until a new disease arrives, killing boys from all over the world because of sex. While initially, due to the wrap-up, none of our main characters believe the news about the disease until it starts threatening them and their loved ones, and the boys have to stand up and fight for themselves.

"It's A Sin" Official Trailer, Plot, Cast & Release Dates - HBO Max's New Drama Series On 80's AIDS Crisis!

The new five-episode series is all set to take us back to the tension of times during the disease of AIDS was on the rise, and we are set to feel everything the people faced at that time, from the lives of these three young boys in the upcoming HBO Max’s “It’s A Sin.” So let’s move to the official synopsis breakdown.

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“Its A Sin” – Official Synopsis Breakdown

So according to the official synopsis of “It’s A Sin,” the series is set in 1981 and will follow three stranger gay boys Ritchie, Roscoe, and Colin, who leave home at 18 to witness life in London hoping to find love, joy, and ambitions and soon walk into a virus that the whole world ignores. Eventually, as every year passes through the episodes covering the whole decade, this new virus’s mystery starts transitioning from a rumor to a potential threat. It terrorizes the whole world, which leads our three main characters to come together and take a fight against it.

"It's A Sin" Official Trailer, Plot, Cast & Release Dates - HBO Max's New Drama Series On 80's AIDS Crisis!

Apart from the fight with the virus, the story of “Its A Sin” is also about love, families, and friends, especially Jill, played by Lydia West, who helps them through their battle. All three boys of the story will come together and fight the epidemic, the rejection, and prejudice that gay men have faced for the decade. The show goes through terrible losses and brilliant examples of friendship along with complex families pushed to the limit as the series remembers the boys we lost and celebrate their lives.

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The Cast Of “It’s A Sin”

We have to say “It’s A Sin” does have a brilliant cast for sure, starting with Olly Alexander in the role of an aspiring actor and singer Ritchie Tozer, Omari Douglas in the role of Roscoe Babatunde, a publican from a Nigerian family, along with Callum Scott Howells in the role of  Colin “Gladys” Morris-Jones, a Welsh sales apprentice at a Savile Row tailor.

"It's A Sin" Official Trailer, Plot, Cast & Release Dates - HBO Max's New Drama Series On 80's AIDS Crisis!

The three boys are joined by Lydia Wes,t who is known for the  BBC series Years and Years. Here she will be in Jill Baxter, an aspiring actress, and Nathaniel Curtis in the role of a school teacher from an Indian family Ash Mukherjee, Keeley Hawes Ritchie’s mother Valerie Tozer, Shaun Dooley as Ritchie’s father, Clive Tozer. The series also includes How I Met You Mother famed Neil Patrick Harris in Henry Coltrane, Savile Row salesman, and Stephen Fry as Arthur Garrison, Moya Brady as Millie, and David Carlyle as Gregory “Gloria” Fitch.

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Release Date & More About “It’s A Sin”

“It’s A Sin” is officially releasing on the HBO Max beginning on 18 February 2021 after receiving an initial release only on UK Television through Channel 4 on 22 January 2021. “It’s A Sin” is created by Russell T Davies, known for shows like Queer as Folk, Casanova, and Years & Years. The show is developed by Red Production Company, while Phil Colinson has served as the producer along with Russell T Davies and Nicola Shindler as then executive producers.

"It's A Sin" Official Trailer, Plot, Cast & Release Dates - HBO Max's New Drama Series On 80's AIDS Crisis!

“It’s A Sin” consists of five episodes. The first is aired on Channel 4 of UK on 22nd January 2021, while the following episodes will be released every Friday, wrapping up on 19th February 2021. For further updates revolving around entertainment, TV shows, movies, anime, and gaming, stay tuned to Otakukart News.

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