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One Piece Episode 872: Luffy Arrives At Cacao Island – Online Streaming And update

One Piece Episode 872

One Piece Episode 872 is just around the corner, and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in today’s post. Last week, we saw the conclusion to an incredible fight between Luffy and Katakuri, and as it turns out, both got up on their feet, but Katakuri gave up, and Luffy will turn out to be stronger than his.

It was an incredible episode. At the same time, we got to see Sanji and Pudding finally getting separated, and Sanji getting ready to save his Captain when he finally emerges from the Mirror World.

One Piece Episode 872 update


Bege is still heading towards Puffs Island, and Big Mom is still chasing him. So, now we move forward to One Piece Episode 872. This episode is going to be pretty huge, as Luffy will finally emerge from the Mirror World in this chapter.

To help him, we’ll see the mystery man Nazoms, who is actually Pekoms in disguise. Nazoms takes Luffy and escapes to Cacao Island through the Mirror, and after seeing Luffy emerge, the Charlottes start attacking him relentlessly.

Luffy manages to run, but he cannot get far as soon as Luffy is about to be hit, Sanji gets him and saves him. Meanwhile, Pekoms is also attacked, and to fight he plans to use the Sulong transformation against them.

However, his transformation is stopped by the Charlotte family who shut his eyes. Sanji is attacked by Charlotte Yuen but manages to keep running, and this is where the Vinsmokes come in and start helping the Sanji.

One Piece Episode 872 will air on Sunday, February 10. You can stream it English subbed on Funimation.