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The Protector Season 3 Cast, And Updates

Season 2 of Netflix’s first original Turkish series, The Protector arrived in April, Friday 26. Fans of the show, including myself, cannot wait for the third installment. All right episodes came out on Friday, and people binged the TV show like mad. The second chapter of The Protector ended on a cliffhanger; many of us fear that it might be ended by Netflix. After the cancellation of Santa Clarita Diet, people think that there may be enough scope for a continuation of The Protector.

Season 3 of Netflix’s The Protector hasn’t been confirmed yet, so we don’t know whether Hakan and his company will be returning for the third installment. Netflix usually takes 30-45 days to decide on a show; we don’t know much about the fate of the show right now. The cast of The Protector has Cagatay Ulusoy in it. So if Season 3 is renewed at all, we hope that Cagatay Ulusoy as Hakan will be back. The other castmates Faysal (Okan Yalabık), Leyla (Ayça Ayşin Turan), and Mazhar (Mehmet Kurtuluş) are to return, as well.

The main thing that right now concerns is that Hazar Ergüçlü’s Zeynap’s showdown with Faysal and his wife. She may be dead; we hope if the show creator Binnur Karaevli keeps her in the picture. We sure hope she stays in the equation as there’s a strong bond between her and Hakan.

The Protector Season 3 deals with Hakan’s life in Istanbul, Turkey. Hakan is played by Çağatay Ulusoy, and he discovers his ties to an ancient secret order. As goes for the trailer of Season 3 The Protector, it isn’t out yet, given that it hasn’t even been confirmed by Netflix.


The Protector Season 3 update

The show has finally got afor its third season. The Protector season 3 is scheduled to release on 6 March 2020.