Death Note Anime: Why You Should Watch it?

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Death Note Anime Review
Death Note Anime

Death Note is a very popular anime of recent times with a unique storyline and an interesting godly power. Light Yagami is an intellectual person who somehow finds a Notebook that was planted by a Death God, Ryuk. Anyone whose name is written in this notebook dies. Light is fascinated by this power and he starts killing criminals in a large number. This brings attention from all over the world and Light who has become famous as Kira is manipulating everything with his power. An interesting character codenamed L takes over the investigation of Kira and manages to corner Kira with his swift strategy. While Kira is killing notorious criminals, these are planned murders which is a capital crime. It is a thriller storyline that keeps you on the toes throughout.


“Masterpiece”! There is absolutely no other word to describe the excellence of Death Note. You can’t go wrong with this. However, this is just a one-line review of this amazing series. Let’s have an in-depth understanding of this series, and I will give you my opinions on why Death Note is a series that would be remembered for ages.


If you have already watched Death Note, there’s a pretty good chance that you might have noticed something. Death Note sparks your interest in the very first episode, and this interest goes on increasing as you continue to watch the series. The concept of a high school boy receiving a power similar to that of a God, well, that’s something worthy of your time.

Death Note Anime Review
Kira and L in Death Note

However, that’s not the only reason why people love it so much. The biggest reason why this anime stands out so much is because of its representation. Death Note never compromises to create suspicious and interesting moments throughout the series with mind-blowing situations and scenarios to scratch your head about. Every moment happens to be The outcome of a character’s decision, their intelligence, their creativity, and their thinking, amusing you every single time.

The continuous mental fight between Light and L makes this already interesting anime even more interesting. The non-verbal conflicts that Light and L face while confronting each other, the continuous act of outsmarting each other, and including numerous twists in the series give this plot a whole new strength. Now, one of the most important aspects of an anime is ‘Predictability’. An anime becomes 10x more interesting if we can predict or make an assumption as to what can happen in the storyline?

The feature of being able to theorize an outcome keeps all the viewers close to the anime, and Death Note ensured that their viewers never run out of possible assumptions as to what can happen next since the stories mostly go along with reality and the only unrealistic factors are Shinigamis and Death Note. This factor is lacking in most other anime, as in the end, when a situation seems impossible, the story either brings a new character or the main character gets a new power-up, or due to some other NEW reason, the team saves the day.

The fact that almost nothing new interferes in the series, and it moves on as it should be with a complete and vivid explanation as to why a certain incident took place is applaudable. You would understand a certain incident so well that you won’t be able to find holes in it and can do nothing but accept that. You won’t be able to figure out either any better alternative, not flaws in what happened in the story. That brings the quality of seriousness as now no one can question the greatness of Death Note’s execution. The tinge of humor, new storyline, etc. breaks the continuity for viewers and refreshes them.

At the end, Who is right here? Who is the seeker for true justice? These questions are what bring the viewers even closer to the anime as now viewers would be desperate to know who is the one that lasts in the end. Who would win, Light Or L? This psychological dispute between both of these characters and their plot is one of the greatest assets that these anime possess. However, this is not the only asset possessed by this anime so let’s take a lot at some other plus points of Death Note.

Death Note Anime Review
Light in Death Note


Fantastic! No doubt that the creators haven’t compromised even for a second throughout the animation within this series. All the drawings are extremely precise and absolutely amazing. The animation, movements, close-ups, representation, etc. All have been done so skillfully that the engagement of this anime with its viewers increases even more. If we talk about direction, it is probably the biggest reason behind the success of this anime. The way creators portray the scenarios, intensifying every moment, allowing suspicions to be created in our minds, and dramatizing the tiniest bit of aspect so finely that there’s no wonder it turned out to be so great. Outstanding!


Another factor that Death Note possesses is its representation of Characters throughout the story. Each individual is important in the plot and adds up to the entertainment factor of the anime. Unique yet prominent personalities with individualistic ideologies are a few of the many traits all Death Note characters possess.


The task of increasing the intensity of the scenarios is done with the help of soundtracks. And if you are talking about soundtracks in death note, you can’t say it’s anything less than “Awesome!” Every important character has not only his theme but also multiple other soundtracks representing them.

For example, L has 2 themes –

1) His original theme
2) A theme for his ideology

In the case of light,

1) Light’s theme
2) Kira’s theme

Even Ryuk and other characters have their themes. Thus, the soundtrack department has brought much more personality and strength to the characters by providing them with their background music, making them more intimidating or important. But what about background music overall, you may ask.

Well, They are just as amazing and effective as the themes. In the complete series, there is some of the other music being played in the background, which makes the ongoing scene a lot more engaging and entertaining by increasing the essence of the “serious” factor in the scenario. That, in itself, is a matter of pride and respect, and there’s no doubt that Death Note’s sound department surpasses all our expectations by a landslide.

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