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Mafia Chapter 2 update, Cast, Recap and All You Need To Know

Mafia Chapter 2
Mafia Chapter 2 Poster

Bored of love and romantic dramas? Here come the action blocks buster movie where the Intelligent and energetic cop finds the drug lord. In this article, I’ll discuss the update, cast, recap, update, and all you need to know. The first chapter of the movie produced by Lyca production has performed well with decent profit fetched. Without wasting much time, let’s start discussing the action drama.

Mafia is a Tamil action drama produced by Allirajah Subaskaran under the supervision of Lyca productions. Jakes Bejoy is the music director of this movie. The first chapter of this movie has several action blockbuster sequences giving the audience a visual treat of a police story. The movie has managed to provide action along with a love sequence fulfilling the audience’s expectations.

When Is The update Of Mafia Chapter 2

Mafia Chapter 2 will be released in February 2021. The movie is directed by the young, successful director Karthick Naren. After the successful first chapter, the production has planned to begin another season. The initial response of the first season looks good. Due to the increasing popularity and positive response from the critic’s progress for another chapter has been initiated. However, the production has already halted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. There might be a slight change in the update of the second chapter of the movie due to the delay in the progress. The first chapter of the movie was launched on 21 February 2020 by Lyca productions. We’ll update you with an actual update once it gets finally announced from the production.

Mafia Chapter 2

Mafia Chapter 2


Still, there has not been any confirmation of the Cast involved in Chapter 2. Based on the information from the reliable sources, we could expect the same cast continued for seconds chapter. We’ll provide you with the details of Cast involved in the first chapter.

Following are the Character involved,

  1. Arun Vijay as Aryan.
  2. Prasanna as Divakar Kumaran.
  3. Priya Bhavani Shankar as Sathya.
  4. Thalaivasal Vijay as Mugilan.
  5. Bala Hassan as Varun.
  6. Aroul Djody Shankar as Selvam.
  7. Mathew Varghese as Aryan’s father
  8. Inder Kumar as Rudra
  9. Bharath Reddy as Naveen
  10. Dipshi Blessy as Sowmya

Recap of the Last Chapter

In the last chapter, the main character of this drama gets curiously involved in finding the ultimate authority of the drug supply in the city, using his analytical ability and intelligence. Aryan is the Narcotics officer who involves in suspecting the drug dealers along with his team members. Aryan’s motive is to completely eradicate the drug deals and drug lord in the city after losing his brother to drug addiction. He couldn’t drink ale to recover from his brother’s loss and faces a few stress-related problems. He consoles himself from the loss and makes his perspective to chance done the illegal drug supply in the city. He joins hands with his team members and plots his ideas.

Aryan gets shocking news that Selvam, the team supervisor, has been shot dead at his home. Aryan, after his investigation, finds Big Drug lord behind the murder. Selvam was brutally murdered with a head gunshot. Nobody in the team expected such a thing would occur during the initial phase of their investigation. He takes things more seriously than before and captures every information regarding the drug supply in the city.

After a few days, another team member Mugilan also becomes a victim for the drug lord. He was killed along with his bodyguard. This information has made the entire police department puzzled. Seconds before Mugilan was killed, he leaves information for further inquiry of the drug dealers and his murder. Mugilan sends a Message to Aryan about his proof being attached with his dog’s collar. Aryan being an intelligent cop tracks and finds the dog using GPS. The USB has information about the drug and drug load, which helps the team members for further and accurate investigation.

Based on the information provided by Mugilan Aryan and his team suspects that Diwakaran Kumaran as a suspect. Diwakaran Kumaran, also called as Dk is a big shot in the city. Dk is also a technology entrepreneur. Mugilan suspects that Dk for this net worth income getting increased every year is mainly due to his contract with international drug suppliers. Being a big shot, he was well-known with a local politician, and his brothers were involved in higher-order of politics. Dk made sure that his business performs well with a regular stream of income form the international contracts.

Aryan revises the investigation reports prepared by Mugialn about DK and plans his plot to bring Dk for his investigation. The drama has also revealed the true hardship involved in arresting the big shot. After gathering the required information about Dk and his chain of drug supply in the city, Aryan moves closer with the suspect. Dk being intelligent, find Aryans plat, and tries to escape with his intelligence. After a long fight between Aryan and DK, Cop manages to reach DK for further inquiry about the drug supply chain.


DK Cleverly tries to move away from the investigation somehow gets trapped in Aryan’s plot. After explaining his miscellaneous activities, he tries his best to redirect Cop’s attention. Dk Finally gets trapped with the trace he left behind the illegal drug supply. In a thought that getting arrest might defame his name in the society, Dk Commits suicide after refusing to accept his police custody. Before he’s dead, DK leaves a message to Aryan that he was not the drug load with a twist that Aryan’s brother was the actual drug lord being the drug supply in the city.