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Chronicles of Elyria Rumors, And Updates

Chronicles Of Elyria update

Chronicles of Elyria is one of the most talked about games right now for multiple reasons. Yes, it has a huge potential, and it is possibly the most ambitious MMORPG game that is in development right now. However, there’s more to the game than just that. The game’s development and production really makes one wonder whether it actually is what it claims to be.

For those of you who don’t know, Chronicles of Elyria was developed by Soulbound Studios for Microsoft Windows. What’s shocking is that the development of the game began in 2000. What even more bizarre is that the production for the game started in 2016, and this was only made possible due to a large crowdfunding campaign.

Then, the game was set for a December 2017 update. However, the studio lacks staff, and a multitude of other reasons led to the game being pushed back. Now, after that, we were told that there is a chance for a 2018 release, but as you might have noticed, that didn’t happen either.

A statement suggesting that the game is going to be pushed back until the end of 2019 emerged, and here we are. When exactly the game will come out is something that nobody knows. For a game that has been delayed so many times, you can never tell if they’ll just push it back once again or not.

We think that it may come out by the end of 2019, and we’re hopeful because it carries huge potential, and could be an incredible MMORPG experience for the players. We’ll let you know when more details on the game pop up.