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Titanoboa Movie update, And Cast

Constantin Film and JB Pictures have been working on a Titanoboa movie. The movie is currently in development, and the movie will draw inspiration from The Meg. The movie will have a giant extinct coming back and wreak havoc on humanity. The movie will start filming next according to reports. Also, there have been no cast details either. All we know is that Tony Giglio (Resident Evil: Afterlife, Doom: Annihilation) is writing the script for the movie. The team of Jeremy Bolt and Robert Kulzer are also working on the movie. The duo is also working on a live action Monster Hunter movie.

The Titanoboa has been dead for about 58 million years. It was the biggest snake in noted history. When it was alive, it weighed 2,500 lbs, and it grew as long as 42ft. The audience will be hoping that the movie will be another great inclusion in the ever-expanding list of such movies.

Titanoboa Movie

If we consider that the movie will start filming next year, then it is pretty obvious that the movie is at least two years away. I don’t think they will want to rush the movie. They will want to take their time with the film and look at the previous film and take notes where it fell short. Otherwise, it would just be a recycled movie which I don’t think is appealing at all.

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