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Kelly Oubre Jr. and Golden State Warriors – Perfect Sign Deal

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around The Godden State Warriors given the fact that their shooting guard, that is Kelly Oubre Junior, might be exiting the team. Yes, you read that right but there is still a lot of in store for the team if the pieces fit right. You guys should know that Kelly is 25 years in age and making a successful career in basketball while serving as the shooting guard for The Golden State Warriors. A sign and trade could be undertaken by the team if they want the player on their team. Obviously, we know that Oubre is a very talented player and losing him is like losing a diamond. All the fans also know how this guy deserves to be at the focal point of the franchise.

Also, if The Golden State Warriors sign a deal with him, it would result in bringing a few of the role players which is surely going to turn out in their favor itself. It would also cast the necessary depth which is needed by the team in order to take the whole franchise to a next level. Kelly Oubre Junior is currently set to be a free agent who is not restricted from any deal and can have a way out. But he can also help the team he has been with for quite a while by agreeing to sign and have a trade deal. This deal has been surfaced in a variety of talks as well as interviews before as well. Even NBC sports have been in a discussion regarding this new deal and we all know how exciting it is all going to be. If Oubre agrees to sign this deal, his yearly salary would be 15 million US dollars per year. But this is where the trouble comes in.

Kelly Oubre Jr. and Golden State Warriors - Perfect Sign Deal

Kelly Oubre Jr.

Kelly Oubre Junior Might Sign A New Deal With Golden State Warriors

CBS Sports have reported that Oubre Junior is able to sign a deal for approximately 20 million US dollars for a year and Golden State would not be able to compete if this happens. It is because other players such as Andrew Wiggins as well as Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry along with Draymond Green happen to be on the contracts with the team with the highest value. But if the Golden State Warriors decide to finally make a deal with Kelly Oubre Junior, it will obviously result in their favor itself. Also, there are many other issues too that currently exist for the Warriors because they also have to decide regarding a major obstacle for the Golden State. Well, if the team decides that they desperately want Kelly on their team, there really are a variety of trade deals to opt from when it comes to it. First up they can have Kelly Oubre Junior sign and trade with Cleveland Cavaliers. It is because this basketball team has two young studs in their backcourt but the whole combination might actually not work. It is because both of them will be in starting unit.

Kelly was born back on the 9th of December 1995 in New Orleans, located in Louisiana. Back in the 2015 NBA draft, we saw that Kelly was selected in the team of Washington Wizards. While he was a rookie at the NBA, the contractors saw the potential in him to be an effective 3 and D player. It was back in 2020 that Oubre joined Golden State Warriors and had a pretty successful career with the team. He made his Golden State Warriors debut in December of 2020 where he put six points and seven rebounds against the Brooklyn Nets. Also, during his career till now, we have seen that Kelly has made merchandise in order to help and celebrate the community in Arizona along with the team that he has become a part of. He has named this project, Valley Boyz. He has also collaborated and designed as well as promoting the City Edition of the team jerseys for the 2020 and 2021 seasons. All in all, we can conclude that Kelly Oubre Junior is a major inspiration for all the young basketball enthusiasts out there who would one day, want to join the NBA teams.

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