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‘Apex Legends’ Adds Dragons And Reveals Season 2For July

Apex Legends

Apex Legend is a Battle Royal game that has a has a dedicated fan base to it. When it was released, it took the game industry by storm, and it was different from the other BR as it had a legend system which made it unique from the others. Well, now the Devs have added the first neutral beings to the game that is called Flyers which are very peaceful right now. But this might change later on as it seems like they’re a possible tease for a season 2 addition to the game. With Flyers arriving in the game, we also got a cryptic tweet from the Apex Legends Twitter account. It hasn’t been decrypted, but this means that it is leading to something big.

There isn’t much revealed about Flyers, but the players have found out somethings about them like, they are not interested in the things that are going around them. Players can’t ride them, but they can grapple onto them to which they don’t do anything. You can also shot them out from the sky, and upon death, they will drop a deathbox with random, fairly high-quality loot. The reason why these beasts are in the game is still unknown, but it might be something to do with season 2. Before the beginning of the first season, the Device included a few of Octane’s jump pads all around the map before he was revealed. But Flyers are different than that, and it might be possible that their behavior might change.

I say this because in a tweet Apex Legend tweeted a Warning sign which could mean that these beasts will get violent as the time passes and ultimately will try to kill the players in the lobby. Moreover, these things could be pointing towards some much larger that is to come with season 2 of Apex Legend. In the EA press conferences, the developers showed us a glimpse eye of a giant creature which maybe even one of the Flyers which can see just outside of the Kings Canyon island. Also, if you look closely in the trailer, these Flyers are present in that too and are very tiny when compared.

Apex Legends Season 2 update

These creatures are somewhat similar to that of the flying half-bird half-dinosaur creature in the Titanfall games, but in that game, they are much more terrifying. Well, I won’t be surprised if these beasts are same as we already know Apex Legend and Titanfall shares the same universe. As for now, we can only wait for the new season to drop which will be releasing on 2 July. Moreover, the devs said there would be a new weapon, some balance changes to all the old weapon in the game as well as a new legend.