Veronica Mars Season 5: ‘Kristen Bell’ Ready For More

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Veronica Mars Season 5
Kristen Bell From Veronica Mars Season 4

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Hulu actually released all the episodes of Veronica Mars season 4 a week early. The fourth season of Veronica Mars wasn’t supposed to air until July 26. But, Hulu decided to release the episodes early in order to create extra buzz for the revival of the series. Will there really be Veronica Mars Season 5? The first season of Veronica Mars aired back in 2004, and the first run of the series came to an end when it was canceled after season three. The show used to air on then UPN (now The CW).

After some years, a Kickstarter was launched to fund a Veronica Mars movie. The movie was released in 2014. After the movie, now the mystery-solving Mars has come back for her fourth season on Hulu. The new season is still in its early days, and it will take some time before we get proper reactions.

Veronica Mars Season 5
Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars (Hulu)

In the new season of Veronica Mars, we see that the heroine is back in her hometown, which is Neptune, California. She is working as a private investigator along with her father at their firm, Mars Investigations. She is also living with her boyfriend, Logan. Her new case is about a series of bombings during Spring Break.

Kristen Bell Talks about Veronica Mars Season 5 and Hulu’s Final Decision

So far, the streaming service hasn’t provided anyregarding the future of the series. We know that the show will only be renewed if the show is really popular with the audience and if they demand another season of the season. Kristen Bell said that she’s willing to go again if the fans want more. The final decision if of course, Hulu’s so, they have to make the final decision.

The announcement regarding the revival of the show was made last year. As I already said that it is too early for Hulu to make a decision on the future of Veronica Mars. But, the show has a loyal fan following so, there is a decent chance of the show getting a fifth season.

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